by ibbrave7, Sep 24, 2009
Yesterday and the day before i used pure bleach in a spritze bottle then decided to add water to it to clean bathroom. I developed a headache and then took some ibproffen. Went away. Then today i used pure bleach in a bottle to bleach the front of my jeans. To add the faded look of course. I walked out of the room and my eyes began to water, and nose kinda burned. Couple hrs after i got my headache back and with it scratchy throat (not bad) just feels like a dry throat would feel, and my nose is burning still. I went for a drive with windows down so i got plenty of fresh air. Not having a HARD time breathing. Just nose, throat and i in trouble??  With what i'm explaining does it seem to be hazardous? Should i go to ER and if not what other symptoms would i look for to require imidiate medical attention??
Iam throwing out everything w/bleach for sure!! I'll stick to using disinfectant sprays for now on. Iam just a germ freak.
Please no insults or name calling. I know what i did was'nt the brightest but just need some advice and want to know if anyone else has had this problem or worse???
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by Tammy2009Blank, Sep 24, 2009
Bleach is very bad to be inhaled, it can burn and give chemical burns if concentrated enough.  I would defintely go and talk to a doctor whether an ER or walk-in clinic, both should be fine.

I would recommend at least diluting it when cleaning and using it ;D But I assume you already know that now.  

Let us know how it works out. Hope you feel better
by ibbrave7, Sep 25, 2009
Hello Tammy,
Thank you for your reply!! I got so worried that i called the poison control center and they told me that if i inhaled too much my chest, nose and eyes would all be burning. Also i would've developed a cough. 4 hrs later (this is when i had called the p.c.), they said that my symptoms would've disappeared by then. So she said the reason I was still having some nasal/throat and headache was because maybe my body was beginning to maybe develope a cold and the bleach triggered it off. I'm feeling much better now and swear to myself to never touch the bleach again!!! lol

by Tammy2009Blank, Sep 25, 2009
lol, the store I use to work in used bleach all the time and I never could go into the back rooms after they were cleaned because I would start coughing and choking ...

Also it is a theory/possibility that two of our birds (Amazon Parrots) died because of the fumes.  However no autopsoys were done and the other conures were fine so who knows?

Green Works has very nice cleaners without bleach or toxic chemicals/fumes.  They are plant based.  I use them at home and love them.
by caregiver222, Sep 27, 2009
Unless the symptoms worsen, the tissue damage will heal by itself, and you will probably end up none-the-worse for wear. The biggest problem is infection setting in secondary to the tissue burn. There is no specific medical treatment for your problem except airway management. If you are breathing without difficulty, the ER will not have any magic bullet, other than a $1,200 bill. If you have no evidence of infection or continued difficulty in breathing it is not necessary to go to the ER. Things will heal up fine.  Bleach should be diluted to a five percent solution for cleaning. This is the military standard for disinfection purposes.