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Cough only Asthma

I am suffering from this unexplained cough triggered by the following; Any suggestions/ medical advice is greatly appreciated. I feel like this is ruining my lifestyle.

- Smoke (I dont smoke) (If someone smokes nearby, I run away from him/her)

- Cooking fumes (as soon as I enter Cafetaria where they fry stuff or oil frying smell in home kitchen)

- Perfumes/ Deodrants

- Sometimes a strong coffee smell

- I have been tested for Asthma using peak flow meters.

In meeting room, I suddenly get cough with any bad smell (Either another person's breath or bad breath or a strong coffee smell)

I was told I have Asthma and as advised to take Albuterol and Asmanex.

It sounded like control for a month, but not really. I went to second opinion with an ENT specialist. He suspected Acide Reflux and asked me to take Aciphex. I should agree that it controlled for 2 months, again got the symptoms after that even though if I still continue the medication.

I am not sure whether is Asthma or Acid Reflux??

I would sincerely appreciate any medical advice.

I have been having this cough for last 3 years.
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Additional Symptoms

- Cold Air

- Room Freshner spray

- whenever eat spicy food, I cough badly.

- I realize now, by using stair case for just 50 steps, I get exhausted. My lungs seems to be overloaded or what ?

All CT Scan/ Speech Therapy were negative of any serious conditions.

But what I have seems to be annoying and not yet resolved!!

I have been avoiding all the above stuff.. but practically these all what we live with
Acid reflux is common in people with asthma.  I have both.  If my acid reflux is acting up then my asthma acts up.  If your asthma medicine or acid reflux medicine isn't working, I would go back to the doctor.  There are several different medicines that can be tried to get them both under control.  You need to have a really good pulmanologist.  Mine deals with my acid reflux and my asthma.
I agree with MOMMY975, my doctor told me that at times, GERD and Asthma go hand in hand. Research shows that people with asthma are more prone to GERD, so the former causes the latter. The pressure caused in the chest by coughing, wheezing etc causes stomach acid to rise to the throat. I had heart burn for a long time which seemingly induced coughing - now I eat non spicy food and take an antacid with every meal. The heartburn is gone but coughing returns right after every meal. I am as confused as you are.
I also have both GERD and asthma...out of control GERD aggrevates my asthma but so does all of the irritants that you listed. I can't be even close to anyone who lights up without my chest constricting, same goes with perfumes, strong smell like paint and wax strippers etc... I suggest that you see a good pulmo who can tweak your meds until you get some relief. Everyone is different, it took a few med switches until my doc finally setled on Xopenex, Singulair, Claritin, Flovent  and Nexium twice a day as far as my asthma and GI meds go.
Some people with asthma don't necessarily wheeze but exhibit only a cough...a dry hacking type of cough that is especially noticable after being exposed to noxious substances.
I hope that you get answers soon...Sunny
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