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Getting out of breath in Windy conditions?
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Getting out of breath in Windy conditions?


I have fairly bad asthma but it has been well medicated lately with inhalers and nebuliser but lately with all of this windy weather i have been concerned that my breathing gets really short a ragged in windy conditions which will then start me coughing and panicking a little bit.

could it be the pollen starting up again thats being pushed by the wind - but I'm used to a general shortness of breath due to pollen, dust, and only really severe attacks if a contaminant is in the air whilst sleeping and i don't 'catch the attack' before it gets to bad, and if aerosols are in the air (spray)

Does anyone else have this issue - people who I have been walking with haven't had this problem and i'm quite fit for walking (i walk to and from work every day which is approx 4/5 miles round trip)
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Hi MaddyVirrgo,

I just read your comments. I have asthma too. I know how frustrating asthma
can be sometimes. You said lately, windy weather has been causing you
to be out of breath, which starts you coughing and you said panicking a bit.
You said you have been controlling your asthma with inhalers and nebuliser.
I'm not sure what a nebuliser is. I also use inhalers to control my asthma.
I have been prescribed Pulmicort (2 x a day ) and a Bricanol inhaler to use
as needed. I think it depends what's in the air at the time and what the
wind is carrying things like dust and pollen, for example. My suggestion would be to perhaps make an appointment with your family doctor. You
might want to talk about your concerns re your asthma. I always take my
Bricanol with me when I go out for walks around our neighbourhood.
Like a girl scout, I'm prepared should I need it. It's awful to feel panicky.
Asthma is nothing to fool around with. If you have questions, get the answers you need. Maybe you need to change your asthma medication.
Good luck to you.
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