Is Lupihaler Used For Breathing Difficulty.
by Fayeza, Sep 28, 2010
Hi, Can you please tell me why a person uses lupihaler. Is it coz of Asthma or any heart related issue ? Thanks ...
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by bsmslBlank, Sep 30, 2010
Sorry, but I don't think we are familiar with the lupihaler.  I did look it up online and it looks like it is probably and older inhaler where a capsule was placed inside and the pierced to release the contents. What I read about them does indicate that they were used to release asthma medications.  I would not know if medication is still availble for use in the device or not.

Take care.
by Fayeza, Oct 01, 2010
Thanks For the Information.

by friends_always, Sep 09, 2012
Hell everybody Im working in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, i have a problem for bad breath in evening time, suddenly i wake up from sleeping and i used here Inhaler to be control for that time, also if i walk more, my breath with become up and down.....
When i went to my vacation i feel my breath bad if i walk more. so that I consult with a doctors in india. and he give me prescription for Lupihaler with budamate capsule, Montek, and Wysolone. i used it 5 days and im cure in India.
my question is.....
Budamate capsule with lupihaler is a Treatment or Supplyment reply me to my email ***@****,

but after my vacation i come back to saudi arabia, again i suffer with same bad breathing and breath up and down.... can u suggest me medicine to have here in saudi arabia......

thanks with regards.
by friends_always, Oct 02, 2012

So, what is the solution for my issue. its a season allergy or what ?
Im waiting for valuable replies regarding my bad breath symptom