Paradoxical Bronchospasm?? Took inhaler. Cough got worse
by Angelface123123, Jul 26, 2008
I took my inhaler Proair HFA inhalation aerosol actuator and I found that i was coughing alot with this wierd taste in my mouth like mucas. There is a little tightness in my chest but Im scared.  Is it Paradoxical Bronchospasm? What are the symptons of that? Is it a condition over time that can be life threatening or is it like an attack and then you land in the ER and possibly die. Cant find answer on google! HELP! Paradoxical Bronchospasm??
by National Jewish HealthBlank, Aug 05, 2008
With rare exceptions, inhaled bronchodilators, cause bronchodilation, not spasm, and provide relief of shortness of breath.  Some individuals are "put-off" by the taste, but that is a nuisance, not really a problem.  As you indicate, bronchodilators such as ProAirâ„¢ HFA (salbutamol sulphate) Inhalation Aerosol can cause airway spasm, which is called paradoxical because the spasm is exactly the opposite of what is expected of this class of medicines.  This is rare.  Also, just as some people have a strong gag reflex, some individuals have a sensitive cough reflex, but that is not paradoxical bronchospasm.  Increased shortness of breath or increased chest tightness is indicative of bronchospasm in response to the inhalant, and the best way to confirm that diagnosis is for your doctor to have you perform spirometry, before and after use of the inhaler.

Paradoxical bronchospasm is not life threatening.  One exception would be having an asthma attack severe enough to be life-threatening on its own that worsens even more with the use of the inhaler, rather than providing relief.

You should discuss this with your doctor.  What you are experiencing may be specific to ProAirâ„¢ HFA (salbutamol sulphate) Inhalation Aerosol, or a problem with your inhalation technique, which might not be a problem with another inhaler.

Good luck.
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