Regular use of aerocort rotacaps
by champak, Jun 23, 2010
Well i am a patient of asthma for the last 5 yrs and regular user of aerocort rotacaps and evan highly addicted to it.
First of all i would like to know whether this will har me or not for its sunsequent uses and is their any cure to get rid of this disease.
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by bsmslBlank, Jun 23, 2010
I am not really familiar with aerocort, but I did do a little research on it.  Aerocort appears to be a combination inhaled corticosteroid (ICS - as indicated by the "cort" in its name) and salbutamol (a long acting broncho dilater).  This would be similar to Advair or Symbicort.  You cannot be addicted to this medicine.  You have a chronic disease and this medicine keeps your lungs open so that you can breathe.  It is necessary for you to live.  

It will not harm you in any way.  Oral steroids do have adverse side effects, but the significantly lower doses of steroids in ICS's and the fact that they go directly into the lungs where they are used keeps the steroids out of your system, and therefore they don't have side effects.  

Unfortunately there is no cure for asthma.  The best we can do at the moment is control it with medications and trigger avoidance.  

Feel better.
by ozeisgr8, Oct 24, 2012
no offence but there is a side-effect and i became a victim of it. direct inhalation through mouth led to tonsil infection which was so severe that i nearly escaped an operation. so dosage is very very important. as it is one-type of steroid i would be reluctant to use it as frequently as quoted with no side-effects in your statement.
by caregiver222, Nov 06, 2012
Infections can be avoided by thorough immediate gargling several times (spitting the water out) after all treatments with inhaled steroids. The necessity for such rinsing is often not emphasized by the prescribing physician.