Tingle in Throat Causes Cough And Urge to Vomit/Gag
by RenzoreK, Dec 06, 2007
I'm currently not on any medication and I get the same thing:

Its a tickling of the throat, drinking water immediately usually doesn't help, you tend to cough to make the irritation go away but it just gets worse and sometimes the violent cough will make you vomit. Then suddenly it goes away. Usually doesn't last more than a few minutes but very aggravating you can sometimes "feel" it coming.

I only suffer from allergies and at least in my case it happens on the RIGHT side of my throat, and causes my RIGHT eye to water up when I cough. But left side is fine. I noticed it comes from the voice box part of my throat. Any ideas??

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by National Jewish HealthBlank, Dec 10, 2007
The fact that you are noticing this on one side is very unusual.  Allergic and even most non allergic reactions do not go to one side.  I would suggest having your family physician and/or an ENT perform a good examination to see if there is a reason for this.
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by nkatz, Dec 10, 2007
I'm having the same issue, accept mine is on both sides and when i get cold or even just walk outside for a few minutes while it's cold i start coughing to the point of puking almost always. I have had a constant tickle since the last time i got sick about 2 months ago. I have gone to a doctor, he felt i was suffering from asthma and give me some meds for it which didn't do anything.

I need to go see him again but i was hoping to get some idea as to what is going on first. Might save some time rather then trying different drugs.

I would love any information i can get on this.

thank you.  
by tomcat47, Dec 11, 2007
I have a tickle on my left side and it causes a dry cough,,,,
by tomcat47, Dec 23, 2007
could be acid reflux,,,or infection,,I was prescibed  amoxilen 875,mg and protonix and it went away in a week,,,
by pboat, Dec 27, 2007
i had those exact same symptoms a few years ago. i would feel it coming and i could feel it on one side of my throat, and after i gaged so much one of my eyes would water and my voice would practically be gone. it was embarrassing cause i never knew when it would happen.

i usually carried cough drops around which helped but honestly i went to see the doctor and nothing really worked. after about 4 months or so it went away. the only thing i felt that worked was i took codeine at night to help me sleep, cause i noticed it happened a lot at night and when i slept. once i started getting a better night sleep i started feeling better. also i noticed a lot of it was mental, if i became anxious that i would get an attack, it would come. so reducing stress probably helps too.

good luck!
by pboat, Jan 19, 2008
also, i noticed this happened more when i was congested. I might be totally making this up but i think the build up of mucus might clog your throat, therefore when too much builds up it wants to get rid of it by vomiting. Once I blew my nose more often instead of sniffing it back up in my nose (which always seems like the easier thing to do) i stopped gaging as much.
by jayladay, Jan 13, 2009
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by Jacqueline12_9, Jan 07, 2010
That is how Im feeling at the minute my throat is sore sore on 1 side while swallowing food/drink. When coughing makes me wanna throw up and when I'm being sick Im also wetting myself and when I'm sleeping at night the cough wakes me up early hours into the morning.

Does anyone have any ideas?