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allergy and asthma
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allergy and asthma

Have never had any sign of allergy for 40 years, start from a month ago, I suddenly have a bad allergy, sneeze, running nose, cough, take Zyrtec
Now, works well, but if skip the pill for half day, all my allergy symptoms flared up, especially asthma, tightening in airway, what to do? Feels like an indoor allergy, tried everything for dust mite free, still same

How can I do the skin pick test need 7 days antihistamine free which will kill me first?

Thanks in advance
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Hi Cici888,

I just finished reading your comments. My suggestion is to go to your
family doctor immediately. You say you also have asthma. So do I.
This is something you need to take care of immediately. Also, you
shouldn't just put yourself on Zyrtec. You should be seen by your
doctor. Tell your doctor what symptoms you are having, for example,
sneezing, runny rose and coughing. You say, " how can I do the skin
prick test?"  You can't do it yourself. Your doctor will most likely
refer you to a specialist. That specialist will most likely be an allergist.
I went to an allergist many years ago. It's the allergist who will most
likely give you the skin prick test. You assume you are allergic to
something inside your home. Not necessarily. Don't self medicate.
Go to the doctor, get the referral and get professional help. Find out
what's really causing the allergy. Because you have asthma , this is
urgent. Eve :)
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Than you so much for your kind reply, I have never think about I will have asthma until this bad allergy occurred suddenly, now my symptoms
are controlled by Zyrtec , but I need to stop taking it for 7 days to get the allergy test, that is impossible for me, the bad coughing doesn't allow me doing that.

Hopefully after the pollen season, my allergy can get better.
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Hi again,

You're very welcome. As I mentioned in my previous post, I have asthma
too. I know how frustrating it can be. Did your doctor put you on Zyrtec
or did you buy the Zyrtec yourself ? I can't remember if Zyrtec is an over
the counter drug. Was it your doctor who told you to stop taking the Zyrtec
for 7 days so you can get the allergy test? You need to know what your
allergic triggers are and the only way you can find out is to have an allergy
test. One of these allergy triggers is causing your asthma and it is very
important to know which allergy trigger(s) this is. It may be the pollen in
the air, but your doctor or an allergist needs to confirm this. I know it's not
easy, but it's not impossible. I faced a similar situation a number of years
ago, Cici888.  I  wish you the best, Evewisewoman ( Eve)
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Hi Eve,

Thanks again. Yes, I took the Zyrtec suggested by the Doctor, and Dr said don't take Zyrtec 7 days within the test, that is a big challenge for me.

Whenever I miss one dosage of Zyrtec , my airway get tighten and feels like asthma attack is coming even though I have never got wheezing because I use puff inmeadiately.

So desperate, once I am back to Zyrtec , every allergy symptom calm down even the stuffed nose.

How can I live without the antihistamine?

I have never get any allergy. Before this spring, why everything suddenly changed? Sigh!
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Hi Cici888,

All the more reason to get that allergy test done asap. In the spring, there is
a lot of pollen floating in the air. Some springs the pollen count is higher
than usual. You say how can you live without antihistamine. After I was
diagnosed with allergies, June grass is my worst one, my doctor suggested that I take Claritin non drowsy. I took Claritin for years as soon as my allergy symptoms started. I'm also allergic to house dust and chalkdust.
I'm actually a retired school teacher, so chalkdust was an issue. I was
constantly cleaning the chalkboard ledge. I actually ended up buying an
air cleaner  and kept it in my classroom. I have asthma too. Anyway,
since I retired, my allergies and my asthma has been a lot better.
I would get the allergy test done as soon as you can. Find out what you're
allergic to and go from there and see what your doctor recommends as
a next step. Good luck to you. Eve :)
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Our allergist is 5 days I think .............not say. Seven is VERY hard to do during allergy season YIKES
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