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beclomethasone inhaler (Qvar)
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beclomethasone inhaler (Qvar)

Age 35,
Congenital Heart Defect - VSD with patched valve and a couple of holes.
I have been having chest pains for the past year - year 1/2.
The respiratory results came back with a borderline asthma.  I had slight weezing while I breathed.
I have swelling of the feet  2-3 time a week which are VERY HOT and sometimes painful.

I was placed on a puffer (I don't remember the name but it was the "newer" kind which was supposed to have less side effects).  I was on it for 8 days and I had increased breathing problems and went cynotic a couple of times.  My wife who is a graduate nurse told me to stop - which I did.  I went back to the internist after a month and a half.  He prescribed me Qvar.  

After a week I felt a little better.  My swollen feet hadn't appeared for two weeks!  I went on holidays and was amazed at my health.  I was able to walk and hike for miles without being winded.  I thought this is the best thing ever.  Within 2 days of being back from holidays but I still had 7 days of holidays I started to have chest pains.  I thought I was having a heart attack they were so bad and went to the emergency room.  A number of times.  I saw my family doctor who told me to see the internist and the internist did lots of test:
Stress Test - normal
Pulmonary effusion - normal
xray - pulmonary blockage???
Troponin levels 0.1
Creatin levels - normal
Co2 levels - within range but on the higher side

He thought I might have hypertension.  He sent me to a hyptension specialist.  The specialist did almost the same tests... to the conclusion that my heart is okay and my lungs are good.  He stated the likelihood that I have hypertension is close to nill.

I now have started to have mucus production and my lungs are super sensitive to the cold.  They had not been before sensitive to cold or humidity before.

I gave up on myself and said that I was finished.  I stopped taking Qvar and within 4 days started feeling a little better!  That dumbfounded me.  My heart stopped doing on and off irregular beats.  The pain points subsided.  The pressure in my chest felt a little better.

I went back to the family doctor and saw an alternate doctor at the medical clinic and she gave me some antibiotics to clear a possible infection in my lungs (even though they sound clear).

My mucus production is down but my lungs are still sensitive to the cold and I still have some chest tightness.  My feet are starting to feel a little hot again but not painful.

Any thoughts?
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Avatar m tn
Sorry I should also note the heart surgery was done at age 10.
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