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fungal sinus infections
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fungal sinus infections

Is it possible to have a fungal sinus infection even if everything looks okay when "scoped" by an ENT?
I've been coughing up black gunk for years, and I've had those yellowish, waxy, stinky lumps on and off for years.
Lately (last 6-8 months) I have been sick with a sinus/throat infection that won't go away, low grade fever, chills, trembling, shortness of breath, exhaustion and rashy throat, even lost 18 pounds in < 8 weeks from poor appetite and difficulty swallowing. Also, my nasal discharge is mostly white, sometimes clear and seems very slippery. Finally I was  referred to an ENT who says everything LOOKS okay but she ordered a ct-scan anyway.

I have had some serious black mold exposures in the distant past but I thought my body had fought them off at the time. Will the ct-scan be able to distinguish between bacterial and fungal infection?

My regular doctor wants me to try an antibiotic before resorting to a scan, but I'm afraid because I know antibiotics can exacerbate fungus.

FYI-I have heard those icky lumps referred to as "tonsil stones". Seems allot of people have them and I'm told they are from small particles of food getting stuck in the crevices of the throat and tonsils. I also hear they have the same chemical makeup as feces. That makes sense if you consider the process of nitrogenous decay (decay without the presence of oxygen).
jaye mc.

This discussion is related to sinus rot & solid discharge.
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Sinusitis can be due to a fungal infection, but is not common. It occurs mostly in immuno compromised individuals. But it is unlikely that it can be detected by a CT scan, unless there is a visible lesion caused by the fungus, like an mass caused by aspergillosis.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
I have a few things going on with my health actually. I had been sick since January and my doc couldn't figure it out. I had fever, chills, dizziness, trembling, shortness of breath, rash in my throat, and a few weeks ago I developed a hole in my palate and I started getting these strange purple spots on my skin.

In the first months the symptoms came and went in episodes. Two weeks ago they were so compiled and ever-present, I couldn't breathe, then the spots came. I was really freaked out, oh and the pain in my head was tremendous!

Well I finally figured it out. I was being poisoned by my tea pot! It is stainless steel but it is all pitted and rusting inside. When Stainless steel rusts it means all the alloys that make iron into steel are gone.

In July I did have a fungal infection in my mouth and throat; my doc suspects it was opportunistic and I have been immuno compromised.

We still don't know what the black gunk is that I'm coughing up, and I've had black gunk in my ear too. I tested negative for TB, and and I'm waiting to get a CT scan on my neck (and head) to see what the lump on my larynx is.

Meanwhile I am on an antibiotic to kill this sinus infection. I do feel better systemically after being away from steel for two weeks, but I'm still kind of freaked out. I don't know  what's happening to me.

I would have responded sooner but I've been sick and freaked out. My sleep is still really poor and my appetite was so bad I lost 18 pounds in
< 8 weeks. I'm doing everything I know how to do to get better but it's slow going.

Thank you for your response to my question about fungal infection. I just wanted you to know things are way more complicated than I first stated.


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