itchy feeling and cough???
by bgpolo1, Jan 19, 2008
hi, i am a 16 yr old female and i swim for half the year and play water polo for half the year so im it relativly good asthma usually flairs up around once every two weeks during practice but its usually only bad once a year. i take albuturol (i cant sp it) and it usually goes away...

well lately i have been waking up with a mild cough and almost like an itchy feeling inside my chest (it feels like its on my lungs) about once a month. it doesnt go away unless i take a couple puffs of my inhaler...but when i do it will go away in about 10 minutes...

so i was wondering if anybody gets this or knows why i would wake up with my asthma bothering me(yes it has woken me up but it didnt before this started)

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by Hestia, Mar 08, 2008
I was relieved to find someone else saying that they felt their lungs were itchy.  When I look on the web there's a lot of itchy throats but I wanted to find itchy lungs.  I think my problem may be to do with dust and cats.  My cats come into my bedroom and I can sometimes see the dust motes in the air.  I'm going to start a better regime of clearing dust because in the long term my lungs could suffer.  Make sure where you sleep is as dust free as possible, this may help.  
by bgpolo1, Mar 29, 2008
i dont think its allergies, i am pretty allergic to cats and dogs (tho dogs r not nearly as bad) and my dad has a dog but she is not allowed upstairs in the bedrooms, and im only with him every other weekend and i get this feeling at my moms too where we dont have any pets...
tho it may be dust...

thanks for ur input!
by mac603, Mar 31, 2008
i have asthma as well myself. i dont get itchy lungs, i get itchy throat. well the only thing that helps me deal with the asthma is advair 250/250. when i feel an attack comeing on i just take it easy and stay home and rest up. i also take advil or tylenol for a headache that will come shortly after an attack. the only things i know im allergic to is dust of any kind, like saw dust and the normal dust. i am also allergic to black mold. black mold is the number one killer of all molds so watch for it in your homes especially in basements. cigarette smoke is the other thing that makes me wheeze. the only way that bothers me if im standing next to a smoker. i dont smoke but i work in a smokeing enviroment so therefore smoke is somewhat a bother to me at work but the dust is worst. but when i take my advair on a daily basis i feel pretty good 50 percent of the time. the other thing i forgot to mention that also bothers me is a cats poop box. the dust from clean litter or the urine smell is horrifying. even human urine makes me wheeze when my 13 year old daughter wets the bed due to being lazy to get up and use the bathroom at night. so you guys are not alone who have issues with the lungs. just take care and get on different medication if needed if yours dont work no more like mine did. i was once on albuterol and my lungs got immune to it and wouldnt work no more. so thats why im on advair and it works wonderful.
by nateinks, Mar 31, 2008
Advair is not the same sort of drug as Albuterol is.

Advair is ipratroprium bromide, a drug that works on suppressing the parasympathic system.
It is a maintenance drug and not a 'rescue' drug like Albuterol is.

Albuterol is a fast acting drug that smooths the muscle lining your airways dilating it and allowing you to take in more air.  

The drugs are very typically used in conjunction with each other not one or the other.  You should never get rid of your Albuterol rescue inhaler as advair WILL NOT stop a asthma flareup.
by JoeJoe146, May 30, 2008
My respirologist has said that "itchy" lungs is a definate asthma symptom!!!! No ifs ands or butts.
Hope that helps, I get itchy lungs quite often. I also was told that itching in the lungs is a sign of toxins..from Natural Doctors.
Take care...get better!!
by Tia429, Apr 18, 2009
Omgosh I'm so glad to find something on itchy lungs, i just got this virus bug and i'm not sure what it is, my throat is no lnger sore but i still have congestion and a lil in my lungs and when i cough they itch... i was hoping to find out about it but there is nothing about it
by sb786, Apr 30, 2009
Wow, can't believe there are others that get the itchy lung sensation! How would you guys describe it?

for me i get a deep itchyy feeling in my upper back and sometimes at the front. first it feels like its on the skin but when i try to scratch its deep inside somewhere! for me it usually happens when i have a cold or flu and when i sneeze loads or cough loads.
by joanncrtt, May 05, 2009
ADVAIR IS NOT IPRATROPIUM BROMIDE! ATROVENT IS IPRATROPIUM BROMIDE and is used in conjunction with Albuterol as a fast acting bronchial dilator. The combined doses are known as duoneb.
ADVAIR is the maintenance drug Fluticasone Propionate and Salmeterol which comes in 3 different doses of 150/50, 250/50 and 500/50. This medication is a powder inhaler and is used twice a day as a long term medication to reduce inflammation of the lungs.
by ItchyLungs, Jun 22, 2009
I too experience this itching sensation in conjunction with getting a cold. If i wake up and feel it, I know that as the day progresses other cold symptoms will follow. What is the cause for this itchy feeling? I do not have asthma or any other ailments.