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Adhd AND mild aspergers in my 6 year old?
My 6 year old son is very hyper active ( as are most boys) yet he has a lot of problems fitting in socially.he has encopresis (soiling of his pants) does not urinate himself.he wont tell anyone when he needs to go instead he fights his own body and says hes gonna miss something if he goes.( he has suffered no abuses nor witnessed any either) his emotions are off the charts! He feels things SO amped up! If he's mad-he's raging furious..murderous.(hulk..smash...) If hes happy he's elated.if he's loving he's head over heels clinging lovey dovey.he does NOTHING half way.every emotion he expresses is completely maxed out. Amped up. Im at a loss most of the time as I seem to be the ONLY person in his life able to calm and stabilize him and its just not possible that I am there all of the time.he is constantly in trouble at school for fighting and altercating with other children. I know the kids make fun of him because of the encopresis AND how he gets emotional but trying to explain anything to him seems futile.he is super intelligent when it comes to learning things.. Hes an amazing reader (3rd grade level and about to graduate kindergarten) and likes math loves science.he is intrigued by space exploration and can stare at the stars literally for hours talking to himself. I have been having him seen by a community based service that offers psychological services to young children in our area however it has taken (is taking) forever to schedule a psychological for him.as for the encopresis his pcp is our city mayors daughter and shes amazing he really likes her and shes seen to him already having had an egd/colonoscopy to rule out physical conditipns like hirschsprungs... He is an amazing little boy with a lot to offer anyone who gives him half a chance I just fear that,well know that kids are so dang mean he's not getting that half a chance.when they line up to play kickball or something and none of the kids want to let him join and they call him nasty names he already has it in him to go 0-60 in 2 seconds flat.its all fuel on an out of control fire.then the teachers dont dispel the situation.nooo.... Now I have a 6 year old suspended and/or expelled for fighting a fight that never should have been.or should have been nipped in the bud before it escalated to such proportions as this...and the lady yelling at me that my crazy kid has anger issues?! my son does not disrespect me uses maam to address me uses his manner words please thank you etc as this has all been drilled in since day 1.i dont understand what an adult has against a young child to be so hostile as I know every single one of those kids there are not perfect.kids will bekids.and kids can be cruel.but with all the problems my son has and we are trying hard to work on belittling him and treating him like an outcast are not the way to achieve the desired results! (its bad enough my 2 kids are the only caucasians to begin with!) It seems like every small step of progress we make at home is in turn negated by these animals at school! If not the children steady tormenting him and the teachers doing nothing to intervene then the teachers just being caustic and genetally malicious.im at a loss.we put in for school reassignment but were denied...due to his behavioral problems.isnt it ironic?
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