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What type of seizures are generally associated with Asperger?
My teen son may have Asperger.  It had been suggested for a long time.  He was dx with ADHD combo type and has had some anger issues.  He is also highly gifted and has a very high processing speed.  Since birth he has had some sensory processing issues which may attribute to his anger and irritation.  Two weeks ago, he experienced a grand mal seizure.  We are going through the process of having a diagnosis for his seizures, however, I wondered what type is generally assoicated with Asperger?

Because ADHD medication seemed to work most of the time but not consistently, some thoughts about complex partial seizures were suggested.  Another thought was the increased stress and difficulty with maintaining a consistent 8 hours of sleep at night was also thought to have triggered his grand mal.  I've read that one out of four Asperger diagnosis also suffer with seizure disorders.  Are they petit mals or grand mals?

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