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sensory perceptual disorders
Hi.  My daughter (who is 13 months old) appears to be very orally defensive.  We are having a hard time getting her to eat solid foods and she gags at everything we try.  Even if we just put something on her lips, she will sometimes gag to the point of vomitting.  I am bringing her to see the pediatrician  this week, but I was just wondering:  Can a child have a sensory problem like oral defensiveness and no other "problems"?  (Or is this oral defensiveness a symptom or result of some underlying diagnosis like autism, etc?  (Although it appears to me that seems to be developing normally aside from this oral issue.  Can she just have problems with this and nothing else wrong.  Or do I need to be looking for delays in other areas as well,  and is she then considered to be child with special needs?).
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