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Non-verbal autistic

Someone posted me this from YouTube, and I found it very powerful.
If you go onto YouTube and search for 'communication autism'.
Look for the post called 'In My Language' by Amanda Baggs.
Listen through to the end because she only communicates in words at the end.
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I love that one and I love the "Being an unperson" one as well as "faces of autism"
There's others too that are great.

Amanda has a blog too.  The only thing that makes me feel a little sad is somewhere, I think it was on her blog or one of her comments she mentioned being verbal at one time and giving it up, because people didn't take her seriously. I could have wrongly interpeted it, but it makes me feel sad that people have to feel compelled to either silence themselves or "conform" to the mass and desire to be cured so they can be "normal" rather than be happy for who they are.

I think there's something moraly wrong with our society that leaves the "odd one out" without giving them a chance.

I read a blog from an autistic adult who didn't feel so optimistic and wishing he could be cured and an article about a 14 year old who feels the same. One of the blogs the person wrote about being unable to keep a job for long, never had a girl friend. He wrote about his moter clumsiness and that. The article was from a teenager who is wishing she could be cured and turned normal so she can fit in and converse with the crowd.

Something wrong with this picture?

I feel sad because they feel compelled to have to change themselves in order to fit into society. There's something morally wrong about that. People shouldn't have to be dragged down to feel that way about themselves and their life in order to have to fit in. Really there needs to be change and more understanding. People shouldn't have to feel like they are suffering.

If you're curious you can pm me and I can send you the link to the blog and the article I read.
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