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Whats next on our journey

I just copy and pasted this here because i posted else where and some one pointed me here and i thought why not id give it a try here.

I'M not sure where to put this so i guess here is better then any. My son is 5 years old.  When i was pregnant with him i had several ultrasounds because his legs kept coming up shorter then they should have been.  He was born at 39 weeks  he weighted 6lbs 4oz and 19.50 inches long.  He rolled over early, said sounds dada,baba, mama that type of things early.  He sat unsupported at 5 months  crawled at 7 walked at 10. None of his issues has ever been  the things he could do or how he moved.

At 5 weeks of age he was diagnosed with congenital heart defects. Arterial Septial defect, Coartation of the Aorta,  thickness of of aortic vaulve and mitrial vaulve. He gets check up every year and on his 4 year check up he was diagnosed with Left Ventricular Non-Compaction (LVNC).

By age one  he started losing words like mama. He pointed to much of what he wanted and wouldnt talk much.  We finally got the doctors at his office to let us see a special doctor im sorry im not sure exactly what type of doctor he was, except he saw children with things like ADHD. That doctor said he had low muscle tone, showed signs  Autisim,  hes very short for his age and said perhaps Williams Syndrome. We got a referral for childerns hospital.

After 9 months of waiting for that important day we were told she doesnt see any signs of Autisim. Said hes a little delayed in mental abilities, instead of being  3 year 11 months old mentally hes more of 2 1/2 mentally.   He was tested for williams syndrome and taht came back negeative and then they tested for every other genetic disorder and he came back negative.

Starting at age 3 he begain taking Speech therapy.  They said  he has a severe language problem with Receptive and Expressive Language.  He speaks sentences now with no problem, but were still not sure how much he actaully understand that we tell him. He can not pay attention he wont sit still when we ask him to. He wont read one book,play one game, watch one show for longer then a minute or two.  He bounces off the walls it seems.

He has issues with behavior. He doesnt listen to a thing his dad or i say. He screams  and kicks and crys worse then his 2 year old sister.   He is in kindergarten and  the note we received from his teacher is as follows..

."He sits quietly at the carpet, now whether he is paying attention is not always clear.He is far behind the class in letter and sound recognition and other first quarter skills like positions, counting to 25, saying (not singing) the abc's. He also calls a rectangle a "door".  In the second quarter (which begins next week) I anticipate that X will struggle with patterns, (aabc, abbc, abcc), sequencing 4 pictures of a story, his birthday, right and left, days of the week, and sorting by shape (he didn't know what to do when I told him to sort by color either).  One of his major difficulties is with following multi step directions.  He sits right next to me and as long as I tell him one instruction at a time on a paper, he is ok.  He cannot work independently after hearing the instructions and seeing examples modeled at the carpet to the whole class.  Without verbal prompts,X would just sit quietly at his seat and do nothing or color randomly on the paper. "

That was  in a email i received from his teacher.

This is very frustrating  and were trying to get him help. Any help or advice  or point in the right direction were so greatful for.
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I know receiving an e-mail like that is so devastating.  My son is in a general ed Kindergarten class receiving speech and special services because he was diagnosed with autism.  We had some doctors say no it is not autism, it is hyperactivity.  

The school will probabaly have an IEP meeting with you to give you advice on what they can do with your son.  Maybe he can be in a smaller class with more teacher's aides.  They may offer that to you, it would be a Special Education class.  I know it sounds upsetting, but he would get more attention and there would be specialists coming to the class.  Like a Speech teacher, an Occupational therapist, and a Physical therapist.  

I used to work in Special Ed and those classes are really fun and the kids get so much attention.  

Also we are trying the Feingold diet with my son.  It helps children with ADHD, autism, hyperactivity and so on.  Google it and you will find out how food dyes and chemicals in foods affect children's learning and behavior.  Before my son was on it he could hardly write letters.  Now being on the diet his writing is beautiful.

Hugs to you and keep me posted.
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