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puberty and autism (boys)
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puberty and autism (boys)

  My son 12 year old son has autism and was diagnosed 8 years ago.
  He has minimal speech and is very much delayed in fine motor skills, etc..

  My guess is that developmentally he is somewhere around 4 years old.

He is not potty trained, still in diapers, and needs assistance with brushing teeth, bathing, dressing, etc..

  It's getting a bit harder since he has started puberty because he is outgrowing me and going through lots of physical body changes- he has grown hair in all the right "areas", and our main issue at this point is self stimulation.

  It doesn't seem as if he is actually masturbating (sorry if this sounds too graphic but I really need some insight) but he does pull his penis out of his pants and leaves out hanging out (and does touch it).

  We have tried EVERYTHING... I don't believe he is "understanding" how inappropriate this is- it wouldn't be as much of an issue if it only happened at home, but it's now happening at school on the bus.

  He is such a sweet boy with a great heart, and really offers us no behavioral issues other than this. It's almost as if he is suddenly "obsessed" with it.

  We have bought large belts to tie around him hoping he can't reach down his pants- that did not work. We bought extra long t-shirts to tuck into his pants, hoping it would help... nope.

  We took him to the dr. last week and the doctor basically said other than medication that can cause all sorts of hormonal and endocrine issues, he didn't know what to do.

  Have any of you gone through this and did you find a solution???

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I don't know what kind of program the school has, but my teenage son was doing several inappropriate things around the age of 14.  His school has a class where counselors work on and discuss "mens issues."  I found that his behavior improved a lot over time after he started attending this group.  Hope things get better soon!
my son is 12 also and is going through puberity to hasnt got the hair but has been doing self gratifitcation with toys such as mickey i dnt know what to do either its only at home but i am worried about it we tell him its bad and nasty so no he started saying bad nasty he is severly autistic and non verbal
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