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ASD and milk/meat products.
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ASD and milk/meat products.

Dr. Nicholson,

Thank you for publicly sharing your work.  Your research and insights have helped my family  significantly.  Our son was diagnosed with Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis in 2003 and our daughter was diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis during the summer of  2006.  We found M. fermentans by PCR in the blood of my son early in 2003 when he was first diagnosed with CRMO. Both my son and daughter have been in complete remission for 2.5 and 3.5 years respectively.  My family has traditionaly exhibited high cholesterol, which I guess is probably why we have so many different Autoimmune diseases:

My cousin has two very young children with ASD.  I have three separate questions that are interrelated:

First question:  Is there awareness in the medical community that US milk and meat products are routinely infected by Mycoplasma bovis (as well as M. californicum and M. canadense) and that these products are still processed and sold for consumption?

The Milk Problem:  

M. bovis killing feedlot cattle:

Other sites of infection:

First noticed in cattle herds in 1975:

Second Question:  From the URLs below: The standard HTST pasteurization, as it now stands (71C for 15 seconds), appears insufficient to kill various mycoplasma species in milk; and M. bovis et al, which are phylogenetically very close to M. fermentans, are probably not host specific.  What are your thoughts?  

Thermal effects on various mycoplasma:  

Centrifuge of milk to improve PCR results:

Systemically ill PATIENT INFECTED with M bovis:

Mycoplasma Bovis in White-tailed Deer:

Mycoplasma Bovis Ravaging Buffalo Herds:

M.fermentans in sheep, M. canis in cattle, M. salivarium in pigs:

M. fermentans in vacules of Trichomonus vaginalis:

16S of M. californicum is 95.3%, (M. bovis 94.8%) the as same as M. fermentans:

Third Question:  Given the ten-fold increase in ASD over the past ten years; the  273% ASD increase in California from 1989 to 1999;  2007 Autism research findings;  and the questionable safety of milk sources, what will it take  to spur the medical community to consider various mycoplasma species as potentially causative agents for ASD? Autoimmune disease? cancer?   Most doctors do not have a clue!

Mycoplasma species in blood of ASD patients:

Ten-fold increase in ASD in past 10 yrs:

273% increase in ASD in CA during ‘90s:

Simultaneous Brain-stem Gliomas in two young girls living in the same building:

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