Addison's disease
by Nicki123, Mar 12, 2008
Hi my brother was recently diagnosed with Addison's disease after almost dying. Over the past 2 months i've had slowly worsening symptoms which seem almost identical to the symptoms my brother was having he is convinced that i have addisons.
I have had extreme fatigue, nausea, occasional vomiting, diarhea and constipation, headaches, weakness, muscle aches and pains,decreased appetite, joint pains, chest pains, lower back pain, feeling disorientated as if someone has drugged me.
I wanted to ask anyone with Addison's disease whether they all had weight loss because i have actually gained a few pounds. But i thought this was because even though i've had decreased appetitie and often feel sick eating foo i've been at home alot lately and is my way of trying to cope with physicl and emotional stress. Also because i have no energy therefore i eat alot more than i used to in order to try and gain some energy even though it never works.
Therefore does anyone know if you only lose weight if you eat less and have lots of diarhea, or whether it always definitely happens with addison's disease??

Thanks, please reply ASAP!
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by rob0920, Dec 15, 2012
I haves light chest pains I think I get from addisons disease because my heart has been checked but the apins seem scary, but I never have shortness of breath . Any ideas?
by Shawe123, Feb 15, 2013
i lost some weight then gained about 3 pounds. So i guess its possible.