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Am on RAW FOOD Diet and getting mercury/amalgam fillings removed
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Am on RAW FOOD Diet and getting mercury/amalgam fillings removed

I am healing my body back to health.
Just read the post by someone in Aug. of last year how she cured her Lupus with Raw food and detoxing.  I believe any disease is caused by the body being TOXIC...many many toxins in our world today first starting with the food we eat 3-4-5 times a day!  Water..air...mercury/amalgam fillings.

Was wondering if anyone else is eating raw organic food and detoxing ( colonics, changing food, fillings removed, coffee enemas)
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Detoxing is scary for me since I don't have a large colon.  However, I just read Lupus-Alternative Therapies that work and am intrigued by the mercury/amalgam filling removal.  I am considering that.  I have already removed the majority of processed foods from my diet and am going to start on the organic eating.  I am trying to reduce red meat and increase vegetables and legumes.  Some of the supplements in the book sound promising too.  Don't you just wish the medical profession would work on this stuff too!
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You are correct in your way of thinking.  All this neurological **** we are seeing today is the results of toxins and they are everywhere.  The detox program I followed was by Tom McQuire, DDS.  It worked good for me.  As far as diet I started with the Swank diet but think the Paleo Diet has shown more success in threating neurological diseases.  As far as the dental thing I had 10 root canals and an assortment of fillings.  My gums were bleeding and that was clearly a problem in my case.  Everyone must decide this issue for theirself because this is a major decision.  I have some information concerning this issue that I will post.  The detoxification and eating health are very important for good health.  I am sure you realize that when you have these amalgams in your mouth the mercury has already traveled in your body and now you have to detoxify to get it out.  I have done everything you talk about plus more.  Juicing, fasting, and adjusting the PH has been part of my program for good health.  If you have any questions concerning any of this stuff let me know.

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What results did you get?
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The results I have gotten were good.  Good health has returned to me.  I think it is important if you decide to get the dental work done is to have it done with a properly trained mercury free dentist.  There is a certain procedure that should be followed or it could make you sick.  Hal Huggins has a book "Solving the MS Mystery".  I would recommend reading the book before having any of the dental procedures done.  It will explain how the procedure should be done to keep you from getting sick.
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I am having them done one at a time..the "safe" way..he is a trained dentist in this area and we wait and detox for four weeks and do the next tooth...I have 3 left to replace.

The thing that convinced me was a movie called The Beautiful Truth where three dentists show and measure the mercury vapor.  It made me cry.  How could they have put this poison in me when I was only 10?  I just hate it.

The other part is Organic Raw food..a dvd called FOOD MATTERS showed me WHY I need to be eating raw is naturally detoxing because if you're eating raw you're not eating processed..that's a detox right I began the food cravings went away quickly and I just couldn't eat things I KNEW were bad for me...I'm not 100% raw but that's my goal.  ALSO a new movie due out on DVD in Nov. of this year is Food Inc.  you can go to YouTube and watch parts of it right now.  It's amazing what the American people have had to put up with and our health is suffering because of it.

Hal Huggins is great.

Changing your diet, I am convinced is the FIRST step to healing the body and one you don't need a doctor for. ;-)
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When I realized that my sickness was due to the amalgams it made me very angry.  I can't say that I wasn't aware of the problem because back in the 80's it came out on 60mins.  When I ask my dentist about this he thinks it is all nonsense.  Since I was not having a problem with my health at that time I chose to ignor it.  Then all of a sudden my body gets more mercury than it can handle and I find out what being sick really means.  The doctors and dentist have been trained to tell you this mercury in your mouth is OK.  Things are changing now and eventually everyone will know what they have done to us.  Probably make the lawyers happy but money cannot replace what these people have taken from us.  If you believe in a God someday they will have to answer for what they have done to humanity.  It is all about the money with them and I can't believe they do not know exactly what is going on.  

Your thoughts on diet are the same as mine.  Eating raw foods is what we were designed to eat.  Getting these nutrients allows the body to heal itself.  Another book which explains this is "The Makers DIet" which was written by a person who cured himself of Crohns disease through his diet.  The Paleo Diet which is basicly eating fruits and vegetables has shown good results in treating all these neurological diseases but many would rather go to the doctor and get a pill so they can continue doing what they have been doing.  I am reminded of the saying if you keep doing what you always did you will keep getting what you always got.  Just take a few Tylenol for the pain and you will be OK until the Tylenol distroys your liver.  You might want to take a look at sprouting.  Sprouts are loaded with the natural enzymes your body needs.  I have been using sprouts on my salads.  You might want to look at juicing which gives your body more of the vitamins and minerals than you can get with just eating the friuts and vegetables.  It seperates the vitamins and minerals from the fiber and allows your body to absorp more of the nutrients in a more concentrated form.  I do juicing along with fasting two days a week.  It allows my digestive system to relax because it doesn't have to spend any energy digesting the food and can concentrate on other things like detoxification and healing the body.  Hippocrates the father of western medicine declared fasting as the greatest remedy and the physician from within.  Fasting allows the body to heal itself and healing must come from within.  The doctors can't heal us of these neurological problems.  All they will do is give us drugs and these drugs are posion and your body will have to get rid of them.  Giving your body more posion is not the road to good health.  Glad you have found what works for you.  
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I do and carrot in my juicer.
I also have a Vita Mix..and do my green drinks in there.
I think I am ready in incorporate a day of fasting.
I am getting ready to go on vacation for 10 days and I am going to design a routine that works for me while the kids are in school
I have 5 kids..23, 21, 19 ( all in college)
17 he's a senior in highschool
12 he's a 7th grader this year.
I'm also going back to the gym..but have been a "walker" for the last few years.
I have begun to feel I can tell deep down in my body that something is shifting and changing.
I don't think I would be where I am at today if I hadn't found the raw food community and these green drinks I make.

You and I are on the same page...thanks for the connection..I look forward to more.
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an update...
after having the first filling replaced..I have no more sinus issues on that left side..I've had sinus issues most of my life.

ALSO a very interesting thing..i can now get a Q-tip in my left ear..have not been able to do that in over 20 years.  It was just too tight..maybe now I'm thinking it was swollen due to the mercury on that side...

This is the one filling that was leaking as well..discovered through muscle testing/kinesiology.

Just wanted to give that update...I'm feeling great today.
3 more to go
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Good morning:

I'm a cuban young girl of 26 years old, caucasian type that is looking
for a team or a good diagnostician online, and as I see you are social
workers maybe you can help me. I'm very ill but no one knows what's
happening to me. I've seen so many doctors in this week and the matter
is becoming worst by the hour. I feel like dying, please gime a way to
contact some doctor. I beg you. I'm alone in Kiev and noone is helping
me, because they don't know.

The symptoms:

My syntoms started few months ago, but they were random, I felt dry
throat and mouth and I needed to force a lot of water that gave me the
sensation of acid in the digestive tract and almost didn't take away the
thirst or the dryines, so I usually took some tea or instant coffe with
me and after that I felt my digestive tract complete in burn, and
couldn't swallow o create saliva, making me some times woke up looking
for air because the drynes of the larynx, it was stuck the movement.
Then i decided t change my diet, eating more fruits and vegetables and
desapairing meat and dairies, milk or coffe. In this month trial for
being vegan I lost appetite and didn't have cravings, I was eeating less
and my irritation skin problems and infeccion for candialiasis in mouth
and vagina went to a less populated state. It also give me a dry skin
eliminating my very active adult acné. and my giardiasis eres also less
problematic. I was diagnosed with cronic (chronic) giardiasis at age of 16.

After a change of diet because all this the problem got worst. The water
didn't dry me and I was drinking water and eating fruits for the single
purpose of creating saliva. I thought that maybe boiling the water
created a poisoning reaction, because I was using iron pots with white
keramics but scratched in several parts, and the water turned brownish
when boiled. Then I stoped drinking tea with boiled water, I puted to
the sun to soak. Last week I ate fruits having a poisning sensation in
blood, skin and digestive tract, felt like I had fire everywhere,
literally with uncontrolable shaking for a sensation as cold. And of
course my sleeping problmes. The night that I became sick, 7 days ago I
ate little pieces of  out of season watermelon, banana and a white fruit
form Ukraine, like pear kind of taste and feeling. When I ate that I
felt like was stuck in my throat and didn't move, I couldn't salivate in
my left side where the food felt stucked and didn't move until I started
tio force saliva more and more, and making palpitations and my heart
work harder for making this move. I went t the next day to the otorrino
naringolgist to take off the food, and she said that there was nothing
there, and prescribe me medicine for the nerves. Next day I felt worst,
because I have the sensation of having the food moving and getting stuck
very slowly and have a dry throat and was taking constant water to
salivate the tract. I also feel like the yeast or candiliasis infection
went rampage on mouth, throat and esophagus, I made an endoscopy and
resulted clear. thay say the check for infection or bacteria and nothing
resulted, again medicine for nerves that I ve been taking and shange
nothing. The prblem is that I can't sleep since a week ago, I'm anxious,
can't eat anything and I'm drinking tons of water, als my feel doesn't
smell, my pee is almost white. I did poop onces two days ago and was
nromal color and sticknes, it didn't make any problems to come, I
usually have diarreah (diarrhea) and in the vegan diet I had diarreah (diarrhea) also, the
food went out almst unprocessed. The last days since the problem with
the feelibg of stuckness started more nd more organs felt like being on
pressure, I feel the blood very intense in different parts. The
esophagus, the middle left part in my poin of view, the right for the
person watching me. The parte where I felt the first course of stickness
is also sensible. I had hurtburn from candialiasis infection and I
started on antibiotics: amoxicillin and  nystatine on suspention for
only two days, and my entire body feel very dry, including my vagina,
anus and between legs. the problem is that I don't have fever or any
sign of infection, not the normal trhoat irritation or plaques. I just
can't create saliva and felt like moniliasis on my digestive tract
making me feel with hurtburnt. I can't sleep, because every time  I try
the entire digest problem and acidic poisoning get worst, stping to have
countrol of my drinking water makes me very dry and poisoning feeling
and also lijke I ate fire, no creation of saliva at this point. I
haven''t sleep in one week now, and I'm feeling nervous and lost focus.
My skin if  yellow and I've been loosing hair for years since I came to
Ukraine to live with my cuban boyfrined that have the same symptoms of
yeast or candialiasis infection but doens;t feel anything. I feel like
my heart is working to much, I tried to eat some pourrisj of
vegetables,and I added some milk, I could eat without apparent problem.
I don't feel any paint, I'm feeling like I'm fool of dirt in the ears,
because I'm not creating grease. Last night I was having a reiki sation
and I has a very dry mouth and throat and not saliva making the movement
very deifficult. I tried to take a benadrilin but it got stuck in the
tongue and I decided not ot take it. I'm afraid that if a I fall sleep I
will stop breathing or controllling my body berserked state. I drank
tons of normal water, mineral water, saltmineral water, with gas, and I
don't get saliva back in the walls.

Please, I feel like dying, I've been under a lot of stress and looking
waht do I have and what could I do for treatment.

HElps please. i also experimented several times overheating like tirring away
sensation in several parts of my body several times between the jaws and the mouth at the edge of the face.
My body is overeacting to heat, which is abnormal in me. and now I'm having kind of defness in both ears feeling very stuck the aerea ingeneral.
I'm very dry and I use to be very grease type of person and full of hedors in muth, ears body, not feet.

Thanks for taking your time and please help me.

Jehan Sandra Salem Bidondo.

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I can't tell you what you have but the fact that your  digestive system is a problem suggest you should be taking some kind of probotics.  When the doctors give us things like antibiotices along with killing the bad bacteria it also can kill the good bacteria we need for digestion.  These probotics occur in things like yogard, kimshi and things that ferment.  They have a product Kombucha tea which is suppose to be good at replacing these bacteria.  If you and your boyfriend have similar sympthoms might want to look at the enviroment.  There are toxins everywhere today and we have to try and eliminate as much of them as we can.  When I was really sick I used a detoxification program to make myself better.  You can google detoxification on line and there are many out there.  The supplements I think most important that I will continue to take are vitamins C (3 grams- 1gram with each meal), 2500mg garlic supplement, multivitamin, Omega 3, and flaxseed.  These are pretty common supplement and not too expensive.  I have a zeolite supplement I also take but it is more expensive and has to be bought online.  The key for me in nutrition is to get as many of these vitamins and nutrients as I can and I do this with juicing.  It makes these nutrients in a more concentrated form so your body can absorp them.  I also take a fiber supplement since you should make sure you get adqueate fiber.  If you want to check the health of your body you can get some PH paper.  You can buy it online and it is not too expensive.  It is important to keep body PH around 7.0 which is a healthy level.  Goolgle Ph on line and get this information.  Hope you can find something which works for you.
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Yes, I started a new diet and taking different pills. The other one I took before created imbalance in my nervous system. I usually take omega 3 and eat an entire garlic in meal, that's why is so weird that I started a very sane diet and became so sick, but now I'm feeling a little better, at least I slept yesterday night, the entire night. Well, thanks very much I will look for detox processes.

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Be sure and check out probotics since you seem to have a problem with your digestive tract and probotics are need to correct this.  Good Luck.
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Thank you very much for your help, I will look for probotics. Thank you very much everyone. I started to feel better but sometimes I have the same sensation, almost always when I'm sleeping.

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second tooth replacement appointment set for Aug. 31st.
That will be two down and two to go.
Was wondering what a detox program looks like and if anyone here is on one for mercury poisoning?  I am on a bio active mercury detox thing and Vit. C anything else?
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I do a detox program it was by Tom McGuires, DDS.  If you are interested Google his name he has a web site.  He has a book that explains this and tells you what you should be taking.  He has a list of about 34 different things to be taken and he explains how to check for your bodies tolerance of these things.  Items listed are vitamin C, Garlic, Lipoic Acid, Bioflavoniods, Coenzyme Q, Lecthin, Magnesium, Milk Thistle, MSM, Multi Vitamin, Multi Minerals, NAC, Omega-3, Selenium, Natural Cellular Defense, Evening Primrose, Grape Extract, Amino Acid Complex, Chlorella, Glutathione, Probotics, Psyllium, Whey Protein, Cilantro, DHEA, DHA, Ginko Biloba, PC, ALC, NADH, PS, Sam e.  He also talks about the use of DMSA which is a Pharmacutical Chealator.  Program has worked well for me.    
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thanks..I actually think I have his book here somewhere..will look for it :-)
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Had the second mercury/amalgam filling replaced today.  Two down and two to go.
I have not had sinus issues on the left side of my nose since the first mercury filling was replaced.  I am hoping for the same results on the right side as well.

The more I know the more I KNOW this is the right decision for me.

Mercury vapor is contributing to SO many issues in the body.  I have read many personal stories of people who no longer have thyroid disease or autoimmune issues after having their mercury/amalgam fillings out.  I do hope this is one of my issues but i think I have other things going on as well.  I DO NOT put much credence in GENETICS..
I have read too may studies where the person "over-rides' the genetic factor.  I believe this is an over used excuse that doctors use first and then patients follow right along.  Before I get slammed for my opinion, I know there are people who feel the exact opposite as me and that's ok.  We all have to develop our own plan of action from what we believe and what we learn.

I'm happy to have this day almost over with.  It is my first day 100% raw ( in about 3 months).  Going for 6 months raw ( except I eat a hard boied egg every so often, I raise the chickend and the eggs are organic and I LOVE them lol).

Eat well, live well, be well.
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6 months 90% raw.
Follow me as i post every day about what's happening and what changes I see in my health in 6 months.
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hI Jehan

My heart goes out to you, my body is a mes to so i compeletly understand your frustration!

I had Fibromyalgia for 10 years and received a prayer healing and was instantly cured.  Now im sick with something else that th doctors cant figure out yet.  BUT  when i was searchng for Fibromyalgia help I came upon this ladys website.  I am pasting her link to her research on Yeast, but look all over her mani stie too and see if anyhing there helps you.  She was very sweet on emailing back to me to answer my questions.  That was over 10 years ago, and I have no idea how old she is now or even if she keeps up with her website...but here is the link and I hope it helps!!!   blessings, Lori
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have you found that yeast has been one of your issues?  yeast can and usually is at the ROOT of a lot of things.  Comes from eating the "SAD" ( standard american diet)  If you don't eat the healing foods your body just continually goes down hill.

How are you doing today?
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I pretty believe the same, that yeast has a lot to do with my health problems, because I always had tinnutis, and when I went to the doctors to see the reason, guess what? They didn't know and then they wanted to remove some organ, butchers. Acces to inet has been the best tool to heal because at least now I can imagine the source of my problems without taking away parts of my body. The tinnutis comes and go, but my right ear is the worst, I heard a strong iiiiiiiii, that only gets better a few minutes after doing EFT. I will continue doing it anyway, because it makes changes in the blood stream, so I guess physically is making improvements.
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Keep doing what you know to do.  Sometimes it takes longer with some people.
I just had a talk with a dear friend who has been fighting LUPUS for 10 years now..well she said goodbye to her LUPUS doctor because the last 4 tests for LUPUS have come back NEGATIVE.  She is now LUPUS FREE..full reversal and healed. :-)  This kind of news just makes me so excited about my own possibilities.

Keep on keeping on.
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I am calling my Naturopath tomorrow to get my thyroid meds reduced.
Blood work came back...
TSH is .267 ( reference range .450-4.5)
I FEEL better at 2.5...
I believe the replacment of the top two mercury fillings has something to do with this.
I have read many stories of women who have had their replacements, only to end up in the ER because once the mercury is out the thyroid comes back "on-line" and begins working.  They are still on thyroid meds so they swing quickly over to HYPER thyroid and the symptoms are so severe they go to the ER, not understanding what is happening. Once the doctors do bloodwork they see that the women are no longer needing their thyroid medications.

SO I want to be ahead of the game..and with a TSH this low I want to decrease medication now, slowly, as I replace the other two lower ones ( 4 weeks apart) I hope that i am avoiding a trip to the ER in the weeks to come.

Anyone else have this happen? anyone else getting their mercury fillings replaced?
What have your results been?  Are you supporting the hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenals with Standard Process supplements?

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Getting the third tooth done this Tuesday.
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What are they replacing the mercury with?  I hear there is NO safe alternative as of today.  So we might be just as clueless as we were back when the dentists decided to poison us all :(

And 2nd, how can you survive on 90% raw?  I would die a slow death, as there simply isnt enough calories vs. mass.  But that is me.   I got AI retinopathy, losing vision slowly and have 0 tolerance to light.. I've been on diet etc for years, nothing helps.  I do agree were toxic, and need to get rid of it.   My problem is losing weight like mad, so I have to supplement with some animal protein from time to time.  
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HI, sorry I didn't see this sooner.
You would have to read up with Dr. Fuhrman M.D.  his two books Fasting and Eating for Health and Eat To Live as to the whole calorie vs. mass....we have been lied to for a very long time about our food and what's healthy and what isn't.  It is VERY confusing when you have one body of experts saying one thing and another body of experts saying the exact opposite.  Through my studying I have found that Dr. Fuhrman has the most experience first hand with over 10,000 of his own patients who he has helped personally reverse all kinds of diseases through his diet plan.  And it is a lifestyle plan.

I am writing in a health blog EVERYTHING I eat and put in my mouth...his simple rule is eat a pound of green leafy vegetables and a pound of steamed vegetables every day.  keep it simple...I'm not to that yet but plan to begin that in ernest here on Monday.  

Which has MORE protein a 100 calories of broccoli or a 100 calories of steak?  BROCCOLI hands down :-)  and almost 100% of the people you ask that question to will answer the steak.  It's what we've been told and we have believed it.

I've been reading and watching DVD's and studying people like Gabriel Cousins and a certain other person whom this board won't let me post his name on the site...and they are/were healthy I'm not saying one way fits all..because it doesn't..we all have to find what works best but I think it is everyone's right to have ALL the options, all the studies all the scientific research placed in front of them and allowed to make the best decision for themselves and their families.

Because health and disease come with such a high price attached...we the people are only being told "a fraction" of the truth.  many reasons for this...we could discuss further if you want...just let me know.

Now the other part of your question about what i had them( mercury/amalgam fillings) replaced with...I work with two alternative doctors, one being my dentist.  My other doctor took 4 replacement materials and muscle tested me ( kinesiology) to the one my body liked best.  So that is what my dentists replaced them with..I do not know what compound it is...I do know that it is white and it is probably NOT a really really really healthy thing but it is way less harmful than the mercury.

BEST scenario is to never have to have a filling.  Pulling those teeth out though can cause everything in the mouth to shift if something is not put in its place to keep all the other teeth from thing is to eat lots of veggies and lots of fruits and NO SUGARS,....the sugars in the fresh fruits do not act like pure cane sugar in the doesn't NOT rot your teeth, in general.

I have postponed my replacement of the third and fourth fillings due to boosting my adrenals right now.  But I plan to have those completed by next march 2010.

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Anyone considering amalgam replacement should understand that nothing is 100%.  There was a study done by Benard Windham you can see it at  In the paper he sites a study done in Germany on MS patients.  The study shows with amalgam replacement 16% of the patients recovered while with tooth removal the recovery was 85%.  Think this also uses the detoxification program to remove the mercury from the body.  The paper is interesting and not just about MS but all kinds of autoimmune diseases.  It explains what these metals are doing to the body.  The mercury in these amalgams is not just in filling.  It has migrated into the tooth structure, jaw bone and different organs in the body.  You need a detoxification procedure to get as much of this out of your body as you can.  With me I started my detoxification program and immediately noticed a difference in my body.  That was enough for me to realize what my problem was.

From what I have read if you have 10 or more amalgam you could suspect these amalgams as a problem.  If you have bleeding gums you have a problem.  How many it takes to make you ill is dependent on how well your body can get rid of these toxins.  Root canals can be worse since they have antiairobic bactereia some of the worse known to man.  Also these root canals are usually filled with amalgams before the crown is put on.  Might want to consider what the crowns and bridges are made of.  Alot of this stuff is coming from China and hate to think what they are putting in these things.  They like to use nickel because it is cheap.  When you combine these metals you get a synergistic effect making it evern worse.  Anyone considering getting any work done should consider using a mercury free dentist since he has a better understanding of the problem.  When I told my primary care physician I was going to a mercury free dentist he told me that I could get the work done cheaper.  This is the same guy that told me my illness was just old age and I would have to live with it.  Most of my problems are gone so that shows what he knew.  It cost a little more but it is important to get it done right.  Anyone considering having this done should get Hal Huggins book "Solving the MS Mystery".  He has been treating these neurological disease for over 30 years. The book explains the procedure the dentist should be using in removing this poison.  That way you will know if it is being done right. Read as much as you can so you are knowledgeable then you can make an intelligent decision.  
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had a session with Dr. Rose ...ran the "balance" part of the zyto technology...and NOTHING came up..she was blown away..what this means is my body is correcting itself :-)  I knew this would be the outcome...

FOOD is the key people...FOOD is changing my life, FOOD is healing me...will be getting the other two fillings replaced!

My life is changing right in front of my eyes on a daily basis.

Loving my life!
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I completely agree that the chemicals we're absorbing are the cause of the rise in strange disorders. We are, literally, what we eat.

I've recently switched to almost entirelly organic foods. I'm also gluten-free. My diet mostly raw fruits and veggies, with cooked veggies and lean protein being almost all the rest.

Over the next few years (too expensive to do all at once) I'm going to be throwing out all the plastic in my house. Almost anything you need can be made of other materials. Has anyone else done this?

I refuse to be responsible for poisoning my (future) children.
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Ive replaced all plastic cooking devices (using wood.   Next is to get rid of all teflon, but I'm not sure what to replace it with (have to find what is "safe").   It would be impossible to replace all plastic in the house really (unless you dont want a TV, computer or any kind of electronic device..most have plastic).   My house has wooden floors all over (carpets and placemats are all "approved").   I'm getting pretty much all my cleaning stuff at the health store, and ofc phased out flouride toothpaste.  I also do not want to poison my 3 year old.   It's amazing a lot of this stuff is legal to sell.... and yet health products are often regulated and illegal to sell.  Go figure (im not in the uS).


That device you are referring to.  I'm generally very open minded, but it's that just another bunk?
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I have heard that Stainless steel is safer than teflon or aluminum cookware.  Some people use baking soda to brush their teeth.  Vinegar can be very good as a cleaning products,  It is suggested using castile soap is a safer alternative for washing your clothes.  Vinegar is a good fabric softener.  Women do not realize that the makeup they are using has many toxins in them and their body is absorping these toxins.  You can make your own anitperspirant which doesn't have aluminum in it.  Check out "" and you can search information on mixing your own antiperspirant.  I use two water filters for the water I drink.  Have an air purifier I use in my house.  Trying to eliminate as many toxins as I can identify but they are everywhere.  
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The toothpaste from Weleda is considered safe (according to what I've found it is one of the few).

I generally do not use deodorant, and it's not a problem for me (as long I keep clean) odor.   I recall using spray when I was younger, and it burned my skin.  That stuff should be illegal.

You filter the water twice?   Im going to install a reverse osmosis + UV water filtration system in my apartment, as it is getting very inconvenient to filter all the water I use.   I also want to install a filter unit on my shower, those are pretty inexpensive (have extremely sensitive eyes due to my condition..and the unfiltered water burns..)  I do not have an air purifier yet, but I'm considering it (don't think it's a huge problem here..)    

I find it amazing what they are selling (baby products) that is sold as "natural and safe" when it's full of chemicals.   We used to use the baby wet wipes, and no wonder my poor girl always had redness.   Now I know better, fortunately.   Most don't, but they need to get educated and not follow the government guidelines for what is "safe".   Sorry if I'm getting off topic :)    

Fancy, glad you are healing.  I hope I get there one day...

Avatar n tn
It has not been an easy ride to health...and I'm still not there 100%.  BUT I do have directions I am heading that my food is pretty well mostly organic and raw, I'm looking into the metaphysical side of life...meditation, how my internal words effect my physical body, how the negativity of the news and radio seep in like a sewage dump to undermine my positive's listening to Tony Robbins again, Dr. Fuhrman and Michael Beckwith, Ester Hicks and the like.

Body, Mind and Spirit.

Getting ready to run Circles of Women in my Life Coaching practice.  Education is key in all aspects.

The WHOLE is the sum of the parts and all the things you have been discussion contribute to the WHOLE.  I still love and refer back to The Autoimmune Epidemic book by Nakazawa...excellent as she gives solutions.

WE must be our own intelligent choice makers.  And as I have found out, we must be our own best researchers and fact finders.  The country we live in is so full of SECRETS...I just want the facts given to me.  I deserve to be able to make my own choices :-) and so do you!

Enjoy your weekend.  GREAT weather in Missouri...I've been down with a chest cold this week...but feeling better today.

Health to you all!
334194 tn?1288293195
I think keeping the negativism out is also important to healing.  I've stopped subscribing to newspapers, and I seldom watch TV and only once in a while read news online.   I find nothing but negative information, so I stay shy of this too (look at the swine fly hysteria going example).  Some might look at this as being asocial and "hiding" from the real world.  Not so.   Information is wonderful, and power.  If it wasn't for internet I would not have all the information I have now, but we have to be selective of what we absorb.  We do not only absorb food, we absorb information;  this can also be highly toxic.  

In my book there are 3 ways people deal with sickness.   Those who accept the fact, those who deny the fact, and those who refuse to give up.    In some odd way, being put in this kind of situation opens new doors, and most certainly makes you see the world from a completely different angle.   I think we all need something to slap us in the face once in a while.  Like Wayne Dyer put it, we should all "die" once, while being alive.   That really should ground us, and make us treasure our health and life, and the incredible planet we temporarely inhabit.

"We're not humans having a spiritual experience, but spirits having a human experience."  W. Dyer.

May we all find the way to optimal health!

Avatar n tn
Wow. It was really great reading all that you have written. I thought there for a minute you may be my best friend encognito..but she is childless. Anyhow, it sounds as if we all have been doing the same research and coming to the same conclusions. In a world of so much dis-information, it feels great when you can discern the truth and apply it and see Great results. Kudos to you!
Avatar n tn
It is wonderful to finally have answers.

Have just discerned that animal products/protein is THE cause for my irregular heart beat and my "fine tremors"...used myself as a guinea pig...and also watched a movie called Healing Cancer from Inside that explains WHY the animal products are killing us slowly slowly..s...l...o...w...l...y!!!  Just amazing what isn't in the media!!

Movies that I have watched that are helping me heal.
The Beautiful Truth
Food Matters
Food Inc.
Healing Cancer from Inside
The Future of Food
Bad Sead
Dying To Have Known

and a few they won't let me post here because of the Doctors name :-(

I'm healing and I won't be a victim of a mindless society that is just "ok" to sit back and die a slow death!

Avatar n tn
Your attitude has EVERYTHING to do with healing!  Absolutely!
The energy of healing comes from our minds and from OUR FOOD.  FOOD carries with it a vibration for healing or a vibration for's sad that most of the food in society in the US is on the destruction mode...if the REAL numbers would be released people would begin to wake up, I really do believe.

Watch Food Inc. and see how our beef, poultry, pork etc,. is treated...BAD ENERGY and then they add BAD ENERGY to it before we buy it and eat it! :-(

How are you doing?
Avatar n tn
Check out dave the Raw Food Trucker on You Tube and see how one man is changing his life...healed himself of cancer and diabetes :-)
Avatar n tn
Just watched Victoria Boutenkos movie about Greens Can Heal You..again for like the 10th time...there is SO much fantastic information anout disease in this 2 disc set i would recommend it to anyone who is wanting answers and can't seem to get them.

Down another 5 pounds this able to go back to the gym.

Put off the other two removals of the fillings until Jan. of next year..I'm getting my business off the ground and opening my new offices Jan. 2, 2010.  Very busy mailing fliers about the 18 workshops and bookstudies I'm teaching in Jan. -Apr.

Anyone else eating more raw food?

334194 tn?1288293195
I'm doing OK thanks. :) It's been getting really cold here which I don't appreciate so much.   I've been getting more on juice lately, and try to have 3 meals / day raw.  I also eat some cooked stuff for dinner, but try hard to cut out animal protein.   I definately can feel a difference, I'm just hoping my eyes can heal at some point.  

I've watched the videos you mentioned, and they should be motivating for a lot of people (the Dan dude is pretty entertaining :)

So I'm definately adding more raw as it makes my body feel good.  It's amazing how I can now (after 2 years trying many diets) feel what to eat and not.   Something my body doesn't like? It tells me right away...
Avatar n tn
I agree with you...after just a short time my body knows what it wants and doesn't want.  i have been on some supplements from a new doctor for the past 3 months and my body just intuitively is now saying let's get off those.  I think it's because I'm getting so much more now from my food that my body is coming back alive in ways that it can now support my endocrine system on it's own and it doesn't need the endocrine support from the supplements.

Are you on any supplements?  which ones?

I still have hopes to get off the thyroid medication ( it's natural, armour) but still...the FDA basicaaly is trying to shut down any company that makes natural thyroid i have gone to a compounding pharmacy in town here..and it's 4 x's more :-(

have a good day!
Avatar n tn
Debra Black's remarkable recovery from debilitating lupus...another success story from Dr. Fuhrman.

I was feeling fatigued and a little
achy for a few months. After
being referred to a dermatologist
for a rash on my face, I was
told I had lupus.With hardly a discussion
about it, the dermatologist
wrote out a prescription for plaquenil
and prednisone. I asked the
doctor about the risks of the drugs
and was told I would need them
for the rest of my life, and if I did
not take them, the lupus could
attack my joints and kidneys and
might even kill me. I left the office
in tears.
Looking for another approach, I
went to see Dr. Fuhrman. He told
me about his success in treating
lupus with nutritional therapy and
was confident he could help me.
He pointed to a few medical studies
that supported the effectiveness
of this type of treatment, but
he said most doctors are simply
not interested in anything but
drugs. I had nothing to lose.
I followed Dr. Fuhrman’s vegetable-
based diet with his blended
salads, fresh vegetable juices, vegetable/
bean soups with added cruciferous
greens blended in, and
lots of berries and nuts.He showed
me how to make his great soups,
too.He also had me take three separate
nutritional supplements. He
wrote out a plan for me telling me
exactly what to eat and what not
to eat, and I followed it like a
After following Dr. Fuhrman’s
program for just six days, I felt
“freaky,” like there was a sunburn
inside my entire body.My skin was
warm and itchy. I called Dr.
Fuhrman in a panic.He was pleased.
He said that this was a great
sign to be occurring so soon and
that my body was withdrawing
from my prior toxic diet and
detoxifying. He explained that
this was the first step before my
ugly skin rash could heal.Within a
few more days, my stiffness and
pain had lessened significantly. I
couldn’t believe I felt so good, so
fast. Within one month, the discoid
(lupus-caused) skin rash had
disappeared. I looked and felt
radiant. Everyone commented on
howgood I looked.My skin looked
soft and smooth. I was well again.
I went back to the dermatologist,
excited to share my story. He
became irate and screamed at me.
“Ridiculous nonsense,”he said,and
told me to get out of his office.
Avatar m tn
Are you familiar with "The Maker's Diet".  It is a book about a person with Crohn's disease who healed himself following a diet which comes from the Bible.  These diseases are a result of the modern diets we have been eating.  There are other factors in our enviroment  (dental amalgams, vaccinations, drugs, bad water, bad air.......etc) but the only hope we have is to give the body what it needs to repair itself.  Hopefully we are able to discover this before we damage our bodies beyond repair.    
Avatar n tn
I believe that fresh live food is the answer.
I've been working on getting 100%, but as of today have not been able to eat that way for more than 3 days due to ( at first) fast food addiction and now a basic cooked food addiction.  I've been trying to follow Victoria Boutenko's 12 Steps to Raw food where she goes over the reasons why we are addicted to cooked food.  It all makes sense to me.

A healthy body, fed healthy food CAN and WILL deal with all of the polution and environmental "issues" we are now faced with.  I believe we are INDEED evolving as a human we are adapting to our environment.  No worries.

Begin by eating as much green leafy greens as possible in each and every day...that's the place to begin.

Tell me more about your story of health :-)
P.S. no I have not heard of The Makers Diet
Avatar m tn
My sympthoms were similiar to MS.  I had a mouth full of amalgams and root canals which are very toxic.  I followed a supplement program by Tom McGuire, DDS which was a natural way of removing the mercury from my body.  I went to a mercury free dentist and got rid of the bad teeth.  I use to think being sick was normal but now I realize we make ourselves sick because of what we are putting in our bodies.  My diet is mainly fruits and vegetables which is what the body needs to repair itself.  I never imagined I could feel this good again.  I am amazed at the change in my body.  Obviously it will take many years to get all the bad stuff out of my body but I can tell I am on the correct path because of the way I feel.  
334194 tn?1288293195
Yes, I do take supplement, a bunch of them in fact.  When we are healthy, the majority of vitamins and minerals should come from our diets, but seeing how our produce today has less of everything, we definately need to supplement (especially when ill).  This is what I currently take ...

Duniella Salina (natural algae)
Krill Oil (for EFA/DHA)
Probiotic and enzymes
B Complex
Vit C
L carnitine
L Glutamine
D Ribose
Milk Thistle

I seem to have no issues taking those..i probably even forgot some :)  Basically antioxidants and immune enhancers.. in addition i do take 1 Rx, LDN (low dose naltrexone).  

My MD still wants me to take thx.

Avatar n tn
My Naturopath said the "sterified fatty acids" in the juice I'm drinking daily has helped to get rid of almost ALL of the mercury and I still have 2 fillings left to get replaced...interesting....the hair/nail analysis showed just a trace of mercury what I "think" has happened is that my body is better able now to take the mercury's NOT building up..and it didn't take me years..just for thought.

Avatar n tn
Just for your information..I watched a DVD this morning..again after having gotten it back from a friend last week..Healing Cancer From Inside Out..and there is a woman on there last name Cobb owns the Living Food Institute..made the comment that they have even seen people who have gone blind recover their sight...i thought of may want to get the DVD and watch/listen to it and see what you think.

I'm on some of the same supplements as you..
I am on a juice for my high levels of "re-testing" ( kinesiology) all my supplements again tomorrow...will get new thyroid and other blood work done next week.

Good to hear from you again.

Avatar m tn
Amalgam fillings relates to me because I had over 10 root canals and crowns along with an assortment of amalgams.  Think when you have over 10 of these you can suspect this as a problem.  These root canals usually have amalgams underneath them.  I followed a detoxification program by Tom McGuire, DDS which gave me a list of supplements I needed to get the mercury out of my body.  This program is suppose to run a minimum of 18 months.  All these bad teeth have been removed and I am glad I had it done.  Bernard Windham has done an interesting paper looking at how these toxic metals relate to various diseases.  If you are interested in it "".  He list a study done in Germany showing that 85% of the MS patients showed recovery when the teeth were extracted and 16% showed recovery when the amalgam were replaced.  He also had information about people with thyroid problems so you might want to read the article.  Boyd Haley a professor at the University of Kentucky has an excellent video "" explaining how the mercury is effecting our cells.  

I have had hair folical test and mercury level is low.  If your hair or nails have been growing for six months that is what the results will show.  It has nothing to do with the amount of mercury you have accumulated in your body over the years.  The test they have to check the mercury levels in your body involves the use of DMSA which is a drug that releases mercury from the organs.  You are given the drug for a period of time and then the mercury level is tested in your urine.  Each of us has an ability to excrete mercury from our bodies.  Some can do it better so it takes more mercury to make them sick.  It all depends on your genetics as Boyd Haley says in his video.  We all have to get the information and decide for ourselves the best way to deal with our health.  

Avatar n tn
I am embarking on a raw food journey as well.  the amount of information that is available on the health benefits of raw food is just almost overwhelming.

WHY has this information not been made public?
And why doesn't this FORUM, MedHelp not have an alternative therapies forum?
I want a place to gain support in making the changes I need to make for my health.

Thoughts? anyone?
334194 tn?1288293195

Our generation have grown up with the belief that the medical system cure people with drugs.   This will take time to change, however the winds are in the sails I think.  Right now, it's mostly people who have turned sick, and gotten a good look at the dark side of the current system, that understand how wrong it is.  Humans are creatures of habit, and it usally takes a significant event to change our habits.   I do believe in the future we will see more focus on diet, alternative medicine, and foremost, PREVENTION.   Unless you move out in the woods somewhere far away from industry and pollution, we will be exposed to toxins, every day.   Right now, we can only avoid them as best we can, keep a clean diet and a healthy attitude and mind.   Keeping a healthy gut is KEY to staying well and healing disease, as what we absorb makes us ill, not neccessarely what we eat.  

  I really do not have much positive to say about conventional medicine these days, as I've been taken off my benefits for refusing to take prednisone and various other drugs that will most likely kill me.

Avatar m tn
Being healthy is not an easy thing in todays society.  It is easy to go to the store and buy a box of cookie which have the trans fats, hydrogenated oils and preservatives which allow the cookie to last forever.  It is alot harder to go to the kitchen and make your own cookies which do not have all the bad stuff in them.  It is easy to go to the doctor and let him give you a pill.  If that pill doen't work he will give you another pill.  If you do not like what that doctor tells you go to another doctor.  They all have different opinions.  Which one is right?  We have been conditioned to think the doctor is always right since he is the expert.  How can that be if they all have a different opinion?  You have to make own decision about the direction you go with your health.  It is harder to get on the web and investigate your problem and choose what seems logical to you.  We are all responsible for our own health and we must make our own decisions as to how we treat these health issues.  If you leave these decisions in the hands of the experts(doctors) you better makes sure you have the right doctor.    You will be the one who suffers he make the wrong decision.

Many come to this site looking for answers.  I think what they are looking for is a majic pill which will cure them.  This pill does not exist.  The cure is what you put in your body.  It is not easy to change the life style which we have grown up with but it is the only chance we have at getting healthy.  I am reminded when I tried to give up smoking.  I felt terrible and knew cigarettes must be good for me because they made me feel better.  I realize cigarettes were going to kill me and I had to give them up no matter how bad my body felt.  When you start giving up the things the body craves at first you will feel bad but that is a good thing.  You are getting the bad stuff out of your body.  Detoxification is not an easy thing but it is the best thing if you go about it the right way.  All this information is on the web and all we have to do is look for it.  

Some people tell me eating the raw fruits and vegetables are more expensive.  When you no longer get sick and have to go to the doctor it more than covers the cost.  My family will ask me how I can give up eating things which taste good.  What they do not realize is what you get use to eating will taste good.  People enjoyed eating before we had McDonalds and Burger King.  Yes, it is easier ordering  a Big Mac and fries than going to the kitchen and cutting up some lettuce, celery, tomatoe, cucumber, spinach, red cabbage, carrots, alpha sprouts, mushrooms, red peppers, green peppers, yellow peppers, olives and using some olive oil and vinegar for the dressing.  Now days I would prefer the salad.  When I go out to eat I always choose the vegetable choices because that is what I prefer now.  After your cravings for the bad things go away you will enjoy eating healthy.

Just last week a couple of our friends we dance with were taken to the hospital because of strokes.  I feel bad because much of this can be prevented through diet but many do not want to hear this.  They want to continue doing what everyone else is doing.  It makes me ill when I see a 29 year old overweight person telling me about the blood pressure medicine he is on.  He thinks it is all about genetics.  It is all about what he is putting in his body.  Everyone can forget about this genetic factor.  There is nothing you can do about your genetics.  What it is is what it is.  The only thing you can do is put good things in your body.  If you try to identify the toxins in your enviroment and eliminate them as much as you can.  Put the good things in your body which allows you to eliminate the toxins, that is all you can do.  This has allowed me to be healthier that I can remember and I feel like I will never get sick again.  I have been following this path for over a year and a half and have not had to go back to the emergency room.  Wishing good health to everyone.      
Avatar n tn
The answer to everyone's issues on this site and others is EDUCATION.

You must be willing to educate yourself on the information that is out there.  Your doctor doesn't have the time.  And the easier softer way is NOT going to get you well or healed from whatever you're suffering with.

Yes most of the people who show up on this site are looking for symptom relief and the medical profession can certainly help you with that...for a short time...and if you're lucky those medications won't cause other issues...we layer issues with issues due to the medications being used.  That is a simple fact. The general public needs to know that the medical profession is NOT a healing profession.  They are trained in are the only one that can heal your body.  You can begin to do this by education yourself on how exactly the body works!

ALWAYS prevention is the best medicine.  It is much easier to prevent than it is to reverse.  MANY people have reversed their diseases...multiple your research, get the information..ALL the information..don't depend on your primary care physician to give you the information you are seeking...they aren't trained and in many cases it's illegal for them to give you what they out all kinds of groups on healing.

The answers are out there but you must be willing to find them.
Avatar f tn
Been really sick the last two years. Bought a cat end of may 2010 from a shelter and she was diagnoised w/fleas and mites sleeping on me I got them she was put down last july.  I am angry at dentists, been diagnoised with dental toxicity 4/19/2011 by a parasitic center dr. stated I also have candida overgrowth, bacteria, fungus muceli, staph, parasites.  I also have an auto immune disease myostis and homeopathic dr yesterday said the pain and swelling in feet could be erythromelalgia a rare ft disorder not sure if it is related to fungus problem.  There is a plant fungus that is assoiciated with some parasites.  My Insurance company is like having no insurance they have not treated my ft as of yet, nor the candida for 10 mo. found  out they want to treat me with steroids and from what I read that can be bad for the candida amongst the fact I am highly allergic to steroids and cortisone.  Told I have to get heavy metals out colon is black, have ibs, question of using charcol and Zeolite for detox.  I am stressed have one mo. to get uncontagious.
Avatar f tn
My husband and I went vegan after watching those documentaries, and implemented coffee enemas but both of our health seems to be suffering. He itches all over and has been to a dermatologist and immunologist . Neither doctor could tell him anything.
I have developed heart palpitations (PVCs). It's only been 6 weeks , and I just don't feel the way I'd expected. Can you tell me how it all worked out for you?
Avatar f tn
I just had the first two of five amalgam fillings removed. Two days ago, my tongue developed sores and is very painful. I'm drinking a bentonite clay liquid daily with my green drink and aloe juice, but feel I need more to detox. I eat mostly raw and vegan, but no I need to be stricter about my diet. I gave up processed foods about two months ago and starting sleeping better, waking up alert and ready to go (no more snooze button!). I am having the remaining three fillings replaced next week and wonder what I should be doing prior to that appointment, as well as to heal my tongue and detox faster. Your posts are wonderful! So helpful. Thank you - and everyone - for the positive, honest posts.
- BabsyAnn
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