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Cold hands, feet, chest pain, burning upper back pain and chills
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Cold hands, feet, chest pain, burning upper back pain and chills

Just the other day i went to the washroom and i got up sweating with a racing heart, i stepped outside, i felt better.
i went back inside and my feet were cold and so were my hands and i had shivers.
i tried to sleep, but i was having a lot of chest pain and got hard for me to breath when i would lie down.
and at times when im on my back, i have a burning sensation and it starts to hurt.
im a female 19 years old and weight of 53 and height of 5.5
please help me!
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Hey alexap27

Typical hormonal imbalance symptoms.
You should get tests for hormonal imbalances.
There's a number of tests available and I suggest
that you take all of them that pertain to female health.
Labs use several methods, however, saliva hormonal testing is recommended. (I'm making the assumption you are covered by OHIP
for this)
There are other possibilities, such as neurological issues or  perhaps allergies and sensitivities, but it must be a combination of possible causes for all those symptoms taking place at the same time,. Highly unlikely.
So please schedule a visit with your doctor to discuss this further.
Hope this helps.
Take care,
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