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Eosinophilic disorders, other auto immune disorders, cancer: Is there a...
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Eosinophilic disorders, other auto immune disorders, cancer: Is there a link?

I was diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis and severe food allergies in June of 07 then with thyroid papillary carcinoma in December. Now they want to do Lupus tests and possibly others. I have a long family history of autoimmune diseases and cancers. I suppose this is more of an information gathering than a question. Has anyone experienced a pattern of layered autoimmune diseases? I know you have one autoimmune disease then you are more prone to others, but are their families of disorders? ie. If you have Lupus then you are more prone towards fibromyalgia than you are towards autoimmune hepatitis or something like that? Anyone ever heard of anything like this? How about the relationship between autoimmune disorders and cancer? I'm still searching for info. There is very little to go on......:)
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the only link i know off the top of my hypo-head, is one between thyroid and lymphoma.
and oddly, eosinophilia is sometimes also associated with lymphoma.  but i don't know
how strong this link is.  although, i had a hilar adenopathy and swollen armpits at one
point.  makes you wonder.
i'd be interested in anything uncovered.
trouble is, there are too many non-specific findings that prove nothing until someone connects the dots.  i just got told about bone marrow edema.  it could mean more autoimmune issues for me.  
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Ugh. I know about the whole non-specific findings. Everything I find is either a half-guess or a really poorly planned clinical trial. I'm sure they're going to find out that all these things are connected. I'm positive. But right now, everything is just floating around, waiting for a doctor or a student to connect it all. I've been researching this topic for, I kid you not, a year and I still can't find anything worth the time it took to type it.

What is bone marrow edema? Bone marrow swelling? Every time I think I have a grip on things I find something else.......

I see my internist this week and my oncologist next week. I'm going to ask them. :)
I'll post anything interesting.
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I have two children with EE.  One is formula feed, allergic to most foods, the other has the non-allergic form of EE.  I am so scared. The treatments for this disease are so experimental.  There is no FDA approved treatment of this disease.  I would like to hear from anyone, any age that is dealing with EE.  Please help.  

PS.  Boston will be nine in May and Bailey will be 10 in June.
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You are so onto my path! I had Papilary & Follicular carcanoma but my boold results as of late show two-weeks ago I was animic know I am in the ok area. I have been told I need to take Zycor out of the blue I mean all this is quick. I am surching the connectioin with digestive, bones heart and good lord next month they are checking for hypettitus it seems to me its all connected in someway all these symtoms (symptoms). I also regret having a Total Thyroidectomy I personally feel that wasn't the answer. Had I done more research I would not have listened to everything the doctors told me to do. No way would I have.
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