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Extreme Fatigue and Body Aches for a month with no fever

I am 34 yrs female and I've been experiencing extreme fatigue and body aches for a month now. It started after a brief period (1 day) of low grade fever and afterwards its been like flu-like fatigue, joint and body aches but with no fever. Sometimes my body temperature is low (35.9 C to 36.4F) and when this happens I do get very tired and achy. Also I have been experiencing constipation and pain around the eyes and facial bones.

The aches are generally after waking up then after breakfast I feel better then afterwards that pain starts again on the afternoon and then subside and again in the evening. I am not a diabetic or hypoglycemic and also I do not have close family history of it. I've been tested for the following lab tests:

Sed Rate = 22
Rheumatoid Factor IgM = 13.9 = negative
C-reactive protein = positive (twice)
Anti DNA (double standed) = negative
HLA-B27 = negative
Basic Metabolic Panel = always within normal range
Glucose = normal
CBC = always within normal range
Lipids = always within normal range
Thyroid labs = within normal range
Liver panel = within normal range ( a year ago)

I do have hypothyroidism and it is under control, currently taking Levoxyl 25 mg each day and all the thyroid blood tests came normal. I went to the doctor and he sent to do some CBC and urinalysis and all came normal. The only thing I've noticed that is a bit odd in the lab results is that my WBC is on 5.33 when always is around 9.0 to 10.0.

I am not overweight, I drink plenty of water, no sodas and I do try to eat healthy. Currently I only take Levoxyl 25 mg for hypothyroidism (since 2002) and it is under control.

The extreme fatigue and body pains and aches comes and goes throughout the day. No fever, normally the body temperatures is around 36.5 C.

Any clues or help will be appreciated. Thank you,

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