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Folliculitis everywhere
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Folliculitis everywhere

Dear Doctor,

Im suffering from folliculitis for 8 months now. I have then now in the whole body: a few in my tights, a few in my belly, a few in my arms (mostly biceps region), in my neck, in my cheeks, a few in my nose and forehead. also in the scalp.

They are generally small in size, some of then looks like small pimples (acne), but if you look closely you can see the hair in the middle of the lesion.

Im also had recent epysodes of boil im my ear (i had one in each ear, not at the same time). they got really painful.

I was to a dermatologyst, that confirmed folliculitis. gave some cream, but no effect.

What would you recommend in my situtation?

PS. in dec 2011 I had a sex exposure with a CSW. Since then I got a lot of weird symptoms, that is scaring me a lot. My last test for STD was at 8 months after exposure, and everything was negative. You can see my previous post about this incident (had to create another user due password issue):
Thank you very much.
Best to you all.
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Hi imscared380.

Normally folliculitis resolves usually failry easy.
The key is to have it treated correctly.
If it is of fungal origin and you treat it with antibiotics, for example,
you might experience worsening symptoms, instead of improvement.
Do a YouTube search for a simple self-test (saliva) for Candida-a fungal infection-

An antiseptic solution,  a boric acid based cream perhaps, would help with fungal or viral folliculitis, Don't use hydrogen peroxide as it may leave scars.
If it is bacterial, the dermatologist can prescribe antibiotics, oral and topical
to erradicate the problem..
For the time being be careful, what your skin comes in contact with.
Consider not shaving, if you shave and avoid  uncertain oils, creams and various skin products.
Hope this helps.

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