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Is it possible that I have Graves, due to having strep throat, I also h...
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Is it possible that I have Graves, due to having strep throat, I also have had a baby too! She was 10 1/2 months when i was diagnosed.

I was diagnosed with Graves Disease in February of 2011. I was told in the e.r. I had hyperthyroidism on January 30! Well I had strep throat December 23 of 2010, then never started feeling better until June of 2011! After being on methimazole. I was taken off of beta blocker the first part of June too. Well I am wondering if having a baby can bring on Graves, since I had gestational diabetes , with all 3 of pregnancy's. I was also on insulin and I followed a strict diet. I also lost my mom to cancer, in May of 2007 she was only 45!! Well I was HYPOthryoid as of June 29, now since Thursday July 7, I have been having severe anxiety and I had a major panic attack July 7 also. I am just wondering why would I start feeling better then all of the sudden my anxiety is back. I have had anxiety since I was 13. Also my parathyroid hormone level is elevated, and my caclium is a bit low. What can cause this? I am also a bit anemic, but all my other bloodwork is alot better now! So now my Dr. office calls me and now my tsh level is 0.260 and on the 29 of June it was 8.150!! I just don't get it? I was on 30 mg. of methimazole and now am on 20 mg.

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I had Graves too. It took a long time of me being a pushy patient to get the right answers. My symptoms started shortly after I had my last child.

My symptoms were- hot & sweating all the time, diarrhea, chest pains, and high blood pressure and high heart rate.

I didn't have Graves for very long- thank goodness.  It took a little over a year to get diagnosed and it lasted for about 2 years. My personal thoughts are after having a child it totally messes up our hormones and our body has a hard time getting everything regulated.

I did not have gestational diabetes.

Hope this helps- good luck

Yeah I have been pregnant 6 times, I have 3 kiddos! But my last baby I had in 2010, I was very sick the entire pregnancy, only gained 4 lbs. then dropped almost 30 right after having her! I had severe anxiety the whole time after i had her i kept going back to the dr.'s , they just blamed it on pp! I never really had chest pain, besides the pain from my fibromyalgia. My heart just raced, I always felt cold too! My hair fell out alot after the birth of my baby too! My symptoms were not really bad until I was finally diagnosed in February. All I know is that there has got to be something else going on for  my levels to go up and down like this every couple weeks! I tested positive for Hashi's and Graves, but the last Endo Dr.'s PA I seen said that its most likely Graves because I have mild TED in my left eye. Well I have always had one eye bigger than the other my whole life , you really can't tell, it just looks like I have a lazy eye. Is there another anti-body test I shoulod have done that tests for Hashi's? Could it possibly be a adrenal or pituitary problem?
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