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Lupus other something else?
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Lupus other something else?

Hi I'm 20yrs old and worried about auto immune diseases.
On my fathers side there is heaps a lupus and rhumatiod arthritis, as well as fibromyalgia, palindromic rheumatism and a few others similar!
As I was growing up I always used to get reAllly bad 'growing pains' in my cales. Which Is normal, but now that I'm old I get them a fair bit at night, as well as what I can only describe as shin splints, which disable me from walking about once a month. I get arthritis pain in my right wrist where I broke it a few years back when the weather changes, but the pain I've been getting on and off for the past year is different when I compare it to that. The pain usually starts in say my other wrist, then travels to my fingers and sometimes to my elbow, it's like a dull ache. It's quite painful. I also experience this in my legs which effects my feet ankles and knees. I always starts in the joints but as it spreads almost feels like my muscles and bones are aching aswel. It doesn't happen daily though and there's never any nods or red spots. It's starters affecting my upper arms and shoulders. These pains usually only affect one area at a time not my whole body, and can last from a few hours to a couple of days. I've seen a Rhummy who said I 'probably' have fibromyalgia but that nothing else is wrong and that Its probably just because I'm over weight?
Bt how would that be affecting my arms? He ran a rhumatiod factor test which was normal and a few others which were normal
Also when the seasons changed from winter to spring and it started to warm up I got a rash all over my arms and hands from the sun which I've read can be to do with autoim aswel.
Just needing some clarification that this may or may not be the cause because I feel like I'm crazy or something cause the doctors keep dismissing it but I know my body and something is wrong? Please help :)
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Hey Tamara.

Lab tests and Doctors are not always accurate, nor are their findings
In a study that reviewed 168 CONFIRMED cases of acute infectious arthritis, investigators discovered increased blood cell count occurred in only 40% of the cases.
Many bacteria associated with arthritis are non-cultivable, so they don't show up at all in cultures, even when their numbers are elevated.
Also most cultures are testing for aerobic pathogens, when many arthritic infections are caused by anaerobic pathogens, which will NOT grow in an aerobic testing environment.
There are way too many HOLES in the diagnostic testing.
Who on earth said that bacteria must always be present in the blood or synovial fluid, to cause pain and irritation.
A chronic low-grade infection away from the area of suffering could be the source. It could be from the oral cavity-a major source of infection- and I'd like to meet a doctor that will indeed open his mind and eyes and look into this. ( I do "oil pulling" daily with extra virgin coconut oil, to keep my oral cavity free of infections. Bacteria and toxins LOVE the environment there!)

Look into candida albicans infection, as a possible root of your issues.
Do your own self -test - search for saliva candida test on Youtube- and then find a Holistic Doctor to help you with this, if test indicates positive.
Doctors will dismiss this easily, as candida is a common guest in our bodies, and most people have antibodies to candida, thus it gets overlooked most of the time. Candida is known to cause arthritis!

I consume 3-4 Tablespoons of extra virgin coconut oil daily, follow a low carb diet and this helps keep candida in check.

Please do your own research or consult with a holistic doctor, before using any of the above suggestions.
Post again if you have any questions.

Wish you well.
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Unfortunately, most dr's won't diagnose an autoimmune disorder without elevated markers or symptoms present in only that disease.  I would suggest doing as much research on as much as you can, take a daily multivitamin, keep a daily journal of all symptoms, and get a blood pressuse monitor if you don't already have one.  I got a baseline by taking it when I feel well at about 5 different times and take it everytime I feel bad.  I was actually surprised to find, mine is elevated sometimes when I don't feel good.
  When I find something that I think really fits my symptoms, I take it in to my dr and she will either test for it or explain why it's not a possibility.  That's how I found out I have hep c.  I wish you luck as I know how frustrating it is.  I'm still trying to figure it all out.
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