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Lyme disease and autoimmune disease
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Lyme disease and autoimmune disease

My daughter has chronic Lyme disease. She has had 10 years of all types of antibiotics, oral, /M, and I/V without complete resolution of her symptoms.  She has not had any Lyme treatment in about 5 yrs and her Western Blots are neg.  But now she has a positive ANA, 160.  Dr feels it is not an autoimmune disease but from the Lyme.  Is there any way to treat this. Thank you.
Hi mich306 and welcome to the forum.

Most people really do not fully understand what Lyme Disease patients are up against, when they're battling Lyme disease, unless they 're close family, like you are.

The Lyme spirochete (Bb) is invasive, elusive, pleomorhic (changes forms
constantly) so one type of ABX may not be effective, as when it presents
a cell deficient wall, there's no information given, to prompt any immune or drug response.

Its descendants may have a new genetic make-up, that is able to completely resist the particular antibiotic treatment.

Another issue is that along with the borrelia infection, there are many other possible co-infections, which makes it one of the fundamental aspects of Lyme disease, that just adds to the complexity for treatment.

Infected people, because of the infection compromising the immune system
which may not produce antibodies, the Western Blot test or the Elisa cannot return any useful results, when they are designed to measure antibody presence!

And again the positive ANA may be part of the LD profile, when the bacteria
mark the host cells (where they hide) or the cell wall, for destruction as they appear now foreign, thus, the so-called auto-immune response.

It is not possible to cover here in detail any treatment options since it 's such a challenging endeavour.

If I were the Chronic Lyme Disease patient, I would seek a Holistic Doctor,
very knowledgeable in Lyme Disease, who can address ALL aspects and components of this disease, using both (some) antibiotics and natural
methods, remedies and treatments.
A Holistic LLMD may be the ultimate person to facilitate this.
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