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Lymph nodes and systemic weakness
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Lymph nodes and systemic weakness


I am posting here because I remain concerned over my health status after quite a few check-ups.

Everything started as when I was in China mid May for 5 days. On day 4 of my trip I noticed a swelling of a left inguinal lymph node, rubbery hard 2 to 3 cm long and mobile. Right inguinal area feels different clearly without this mass.
The next day (last day of my trip) I started to feel noticeably tired and slept for the most part as I was travelling back to Europe (Amsterdam). In the evening I started to develop a mild fever (37.6 to 38.6), shivers, sweating at times and complete loss of energy. I lost my appetite as well and remained in this condition for 5 to 6 days, lethargic in bed without being able to eat anything except cold cereals. After 2 days I went to the GP and my urine revealed micro haematuria. At the same time I started to feel a slight burning sensation on my left forearm opposite my elbow. Felt very sensitive skin without explanation. 2 days later I started to notice a rash on my elbow, the opposite side of where the burning sensation was. The rash looked like a red vesicular rash similar to shingles I would say except that it wasn't itchy at all. I attach a picture I took while it was drying out, more than a week after. I suffer from mild psoriasis which can be seen on top of the picture but the rash is clearly different, it is vesicular!
After that 5 to 6 days episode, I recovered my normal appetite but was still feeling weak. I noticed that I started to feel a strange systemic skin sensation. A random stinging all over the body. Feels almost like very dry skin caused by sea salt drying on your skin but deeper. Quick enough for me not to itch but certainly noticeable enough for me to focus on the phenomenon. I then had 2 days experiencing my second toe (right foot) swelling. I can't remember having bruised it but it felt like it and it was as big as my biggest toe.
I went back to normal quickly. I felt better on the second week but slowly started to feel more and more tired, exhausted even and spacey with dizziness spells more and more frequent. I also noticed my vision change towards being blurry at times. By that time I had 3 GP visits, blood tests (liver functions, CBC, HIV etc) which came back normal. Also urine samples were clear not showing any haematuria. After a week and a half after the onset of the initial fever I started to feel nodes swelling up in my left supraclavicular area. About 1 cm in size, squishy soft and mobile. 2 of them. I also noticed a node on the right supraclavicular area, pea size hard and mobile (not sure if this one is new or if it has always been there…). I started to sweat more and more at night to the point of being completely wet. I had to change t-shirt twice one night. I started to feel a hot flush kind of a wave going up between my shoulder blades up to my ears, mostly in the evening.

I lost 4 kg between week 3 and 4, which is about 5% of my body weight and I was eating normally. Not sure if this was due to anxiety or not but during those weeks I felt really anxious, like I have never been. Not good!

I started to develop a burning feeling under the left ribs which led to a CT scan Chest down to Pelvis (week 4). Came back clear with no lymphadenopathy.
More blood tests have been done and still everything came back clear. Thyroid gland and vitamins were checked as well including B12. Only vitamin D was found to be low (25 ng/ml). I also have at random times some pain in the leg muscles. Feels like heavy legs but with localised muscle pain.

On week 5 my dizziness spells started to reduce and the weakness I was feeling in my body started to fade away. I was starting to feel better…but I started to develop a dry mouth and a coated tongue. White tongue but no thrush. Foamy saliva on the sides at times (due to dryness I assume). I also noticed my penile foreskin was red and inflamed on the sides on some evenings and perfectly clear in the morning. Few days on and I noticed a pin-head papule on the foreskin. Went to see the GP and I got some anti fungal cream just in case.

I have started to be more focused on my body with all of this but I am still feeling a bit dizzy if I start to do too much (like lifting something) and I still have (but much less) this random itch sensation. My nodes are still the same size and I am now approaching week 7 after the beginning of all of this.

I have been worried this could be lymphoma but every doctor said with clean blood tests and clear ct scan, it can't be. Although I have started to feel better so it probably is just some kind of nasty infection. The doctors don't know what it is and say it is most likely to be some sort of infection. I am having trouble sleeping (and I used to sleep like a baby) and find the path to recovery extremely slow. I feel better but want my nodes to go away now and forget about dizziness spells. The rash is still present but the vesicles have dried out and flatten up.

Should I ask for more tests, should I wait another 5 weeks ? What if my nodes stay swollen … Please share any piece of advice.

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Tuberculosis, sarcoidosis, histoplasmosis, cat scratch disease and cryptococcosis are the  possibilities to be looked into. I understand the anxiety, so please get this investigated in this line. Otherwise, eat healthy, start exercising to level you can and you may regain your stamina. Take care!

The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history. Hence this reply to your post should only be considered as a guiding line and you must consult your doctor at the earliest for your medical problem.
Just realised I have not responded to you Dr. Thank you for your response at the time. I felt better 3 months after the onset of whatever this was. CT scan was clear, thyroid function clear and all infectious and bacterial tests clear. It remains a total mystery what this could have been. My immune system for sure didn't like it. Thanks again.
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