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Please help me too understand these results>>>
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Please help me too understand these results>>>

Well>. i went to a RA Specialist.. who without doing any bloodwork.. diagnosed me wit RA, then gave me an RX for Methotrexate, and folic acid.  SHe then had me get my blood drawn..( 9 vials)  >> and that was about it.

I got my test results today... they are as follows:

ALL CBC is normal.
SED rate is Normal.. with a result of 15 ref range 0-20
ALl urea Nitrogen, Creatinine and GFR est is NORMAL
URINE is normal.
all bun.creat ratio, potassium, chloride, etc etc is NORMAL
Vitamin B12 and Folate B-12 is 816 Ref range 243-894
Folate is 10.4 with ref range >7.2
ANA screen w/rflx to titer is negative
hep B surface, sjoren's hep c antibody ALL NEGATIVE AND NON REACTIVE
Sm/RNP antibodies w.RFLX sm AB is NEGATIVE
C3 COMPLEMENT COMPONENT is 135 Ref range 90-180
C4 COMPLEMENT COMPONENTis 34 with ref range 16-47
dsDNA antibody NEGATIVE
CCPANtibody IgG<8 ref range <17

Sm Antibody NEGATIVE

Vitamin D 23 ... its low.. but its rising.. the last one was 11.  ref range 30-100.

here is my quandry... my regular CRP is NORMAL 3.1  ref range <8.0
BUT, my CRP HS is HIGH.. 8.9 Ref range 0-0.1

I am confused.. where do i go from here? why would my CRP be normal.. yet my CRP hs be so high??? the doctor says that she doesnt care about the CRP hs.. because she told me that ( b efore i had my blood drawn) that since my CRP hs was high.. that my CRP would be high as well.. and well.. its NOT.

this is the third HIGH CRP hs and 4th CRP normal i have gotten.

I Hurt so much. I dont know what to do anymore.

i also just got my holter results back.. they counted 900 PAC's during a 24 hour period.. my cardio says not to worry... that this is ok . PVC's were noted as RARE. Pleaes note that I did not have ANY PAC's on my last holter which was 6 years ago.. i was told that stress plays a large part to this though.

something is going on.. i can feel it.. i hurt so bad. they  have ruled out Lupus as well.. ruled out valley fever..
the endo i go to is awesome.. and assured me that the high CRP hs has NOTHING to do with my Hashimotos..

i am scared.. and dont know where to turn.. any advice.. any suggestions.. would be greatly appreciated.!!!
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Im bumping this politely... can anyone please answer me.. or give me some advice concerning my post?  Thankyou!!
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I'm so sorry to hear all that's going on with you! That is a lot of PAC's, no doubt. But if your cardiologist is a good one, then I would trust them. Normal people do get PAC's and PVC's all the time and we just don't even know it. I guess to be more accurate, I would try to not fixate on the result if they've assured you that it's ok. BUT I would keep it in mind.
I haven't looked up the difference between CRP and CRP hs...Ok I just did on and I can see why you're nervous. This is the last paragraph though,
"Since the hs-CRP and CRP tests measure the same molecule, people with chronic inflammation, such as those with arthritis, should not have hs-CRP levels measured. Their CRP levels will be very high due to the arthritis—often too high to be measured or meaningful using the hs-CRP test."...........Meaning your RA can be the cause of your high CRP hs levels. The reason the rheumy probably doesn't care too much about your result is b/c it's not indicative of current inflammation levels, only that you certainly have had inflammation going on. I went through a period of time where I had significant chest pain and I do still get it from time to time. Did you know though that you can actually get inflammation in the bones and cartilage of where your sternum and ribs meet? I would do due diligance and get my heart checked out and then probably assume the mean and nasty RA is the cause. Especially since you're having other significant joint pain.

It sounds like your rheumatologist is treating you for your symptoms so that is a really good thing! I know over the years my symptoms have evolved and so has my bloodwork. I'm still in the process of understanding exactly what is effecting my body so. The only thing the docs can really do is to do the best they can with diagnosing and treating you for what they see right now. I know how it is to just want answers. I've come to accept that sometimes they just aren't there the way we want them to be. Sometimes it takes many years to see more pieces of the puzzle. So frustrating!

Another interesting site is and/or where you can read other people's ratings on doctors. It's helpful to know other's insights and experiences with a doctor to build your trust in them. Or to encourage you to get another opinion.

I really hope the meds work well for you and that you are able to get out from under all the pain! Blessings to you.
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Every single one is Lymes.  I know, I went through same thing.  All neg or borderline, but you ache all over.  I found out the Labcorp and Quest tests for Lymes is 90% INNACURATE, and that most docs use those labs.  Your test through them show NEG, so you are told "You don't have Lymes" and you get a diag of atypical MS, or Lupus, or Hashimotos or Sjogensons or even MUNCHAUSENS syndrom (syndrome).  They give you symptom relievers but you never get better.

Lymes doctors use THE MOST ACCURATE test called a Q-RiBB test.  They are finding that the Borrelia Burgdorferi bacteria in Lymes is responsible for most if not all missdiagnosis of ALS, Lupus, MS, Fibro, CFS, Parkinsons, Hashimotos, etc.  Lymes is a chronic INTRACELLULAR bacterial infection, that if left untreated will only progress.  You have to take antibiotics that work by disabling the ability of the bacteria to replicate.  DNA /RNA disrupting drugs.  All the BS drugs your rhuem has been pushing only releive some symptoms.  search ILADS or go to  OR  If you want to be cured, you need to stop seeing "normal" doctors, they know VERY little about chronic bacterial infections.  let me know if this helps, and keep me informed
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