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Resistant Oral Yeast Infection - Please Help!
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Resistant Oral Yeast Infection - Please Help!

I am DESPERATE for a resolution to this. I'm supposed to cycle back to the states to get married in two months, please help me get rid of this before then!!! I have tried everything I can possibly think of and it just won't go away!!!

About 8 months ago, I started to develop tonsiliths. I was self-treating them by squeezing them out with a q-tip and rinsing with Listerine... maybe using Listerine too often, I don't know.

The tonsiliths went away within a week of treatment.

Shortly after, I started noticing an irritated spot on each side of my tongue, near the rear of my mouth where my tongue rubs against my teeth. The spots started as a tiny white dot, then when I brushed, the white covering rubbed off and it was a small red, irritated spot with a thin white ring around it. The white ring expanded and expanded until it faded away. But by the time it faded, a new white spot had already formed at the same place the old one started... this continued for months.

About 6 months ago, I went to a doctor regarding 2 irritating, small, thin white patches on the sides of my tongue (where my teeth touch my tongue) near the back of my mouth.

At this time, I asked the doctor to test me for all STDs & Diabetes - all tests came back negative. I also had a CBC done, and there was nothing out of the ordinary.

I told the doc that I thought it was an early thrush infection. He disregarded it.

About 2 months later, another doc put me on antibiotics for several weeks. It was at this time that my small case of thrush became a full blown monster.

Since then, I have been on ketoconazole 3x, I am currently finishing my 3rd cycle that has lasted nearly 1 month. I have gone through 2x 10day nystatin suspension every 4-6 hours (while on ketoconazole). I started taking acidophillus pills, garlic pills, apple cider vinegar pills, rinsing with organic apple cider vinegar. I take a probiotic mint twice each day after brushing my teeth. I take a vitamin D supplement every 3 days. I am currently on day 4 of applying Gentian Violet 3x daily (when I wake up, after lunch, and before bed). For the last 2 months, I have eaten nothing but grilled chicken, beef, or turkey and cucumbers and/or broccoli with water.

Everything I try just seems to suppress it (if that), but not make it disappear... please note that it has never gone away completely, it always comes back.

I rub the white coating away, and it just comes back an hour later...
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I don't think the Gentian Violet is helping the infection anymore. At first, it was preventing the existing patches from spreading. Now I don't see any new growth from my old patches, but I definitely have at least the same number of new patches that are running wild regardless of the Gentian Violet

I recently talked to my doctor and I now have a 10 day course of Diflucan in the mail to try to get rid of this.

I pray that it gets rid of this infection, I don't want it to ruin the wedding.
It's possible that you have oral lichen planus..... has your doctor considered this?  I have had this for about 7 years... it showed up right after I finished a year long treatment for Hep C.  It's a recurring thing... started on my hands and arms, then feet and legs.   I finally went to a dermatologist when it went oral and he diagnosed it right away, but did a biopsy to be certain.  There is something he calls a magic mouthrinse that is a compound of dexamthasone and nystatin that I used several times a day.  It controls it but there is no cure and always comes back.  I hope this is not your problem, but check it out.  Good luck.....
If you want something to try google "Oil Pullling".  I also use a couple drops of Oregano Oil in the oil I use.  Oregano oil has shown to be one of the best natural antibotics.  I get my Oregano oil at GNC.
I am also having a thrush problem.  First I have ever had.

I'm going to look into the Oil Pulling, however my doc just said if the thrush gets going good it can sometimes take a 3 week course of Diflucan.  I only have a 14 day supply and from the way my mouth looks I'm going to have to ask for another refill.  It is showing improvement but very slowly.

I was eating some meats and then was wondering if the meats have antibiotics in them and if that could be a problem so I'm doing the Yogurt and nuts and veggie route until I get some meats that do not have antibiotics in them.  I'm probably just plain scared at this point and being silly.  I'm also eating Gluten free bread and some sort of nut butter.  I haven't had something stick around for so long and I can't exactly figure out where it would come from.  The last antibiotics I had were in early January.

krndhn I will ask about that oral lichen planus if this is not gone by the time I see her.  I'll have to have the script called in before I see her as she is on vacation.

I had been told by a nutritionist not to use anything with vinegar in in it.  I know you are supposed to stay away from sugars and yeast breads or things with gluten and I'm not saying that it is right about the vinegar.  I was just told that.  You may be right and I may be wrong.  I'll try it if I can find something that makes me think it will help.

Salt water rinses were also recommended.  Vit B-12 sublingual was also recommended as was Vit c and lemon in your water and of course the probiotics.

Needless to say I have no answers or I would have no thrush but I'm just passing along what I have heard and will check what the others have mentioned.

I wish you the best.
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