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Test Results Question

I've been TTC for a while, and have recurrent losses.  At my insistence, I had testing done to either confirm or rule out auto-immune disorders.  All of my tests came back negative, with the exception of my ds DNA ab.  This came back positive high at 16, with anything over 10 considered positive.  The only information I have been able to find is on SLE, which I do not have ANY symptoms of.  My ANA screen and titer came back negative, as well.  I can't seem to find any information about the ds DNA ab being positive and ANA negative, with ss DNA ab also negative.  At this time, my doctor only has me on baby aspirin once a day, and will possibly put me on heparin if I do get pregnant again.  I am currently TTC #1, and have had 3 confirmed losses.  Any insight is greatly appreciated!
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Sheaby, a percentage of women TTC having issues, are hypothyroid.
Unresolved prolonged low thyroid (more often than not,  because of reliance on unreliable blood tests resulting in undiagnosis, underdiagnosis or worse misdiagnosis) may result in serious organ involvement, leading possibly to SLE when other factors are present.

Best, try Dr. Barnes basal temperature test on your own.
Just look it up and follow the instructions precisely!
This will 99.9% indicate if you have low thyroid function, regardless of serum thyroid hormone levels! Biologically active Thyroid hormone is in the cells,so serum levels are not indicative of Thyroid function. TSH, T3 and T4 are inadequate tests.
Please let me know the result, if you decide to do the temperature test.

Note that this is not intended as a substitute for medical advice.

Best Wishes.
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I regularly chart my BBT, and my TSH levels have come back at 1.08.  I am not hypothyroid at all, nor do I have any symptoms that would indicate such.  No offense, but Dr. Barnes test is a little outdated and his "normal" range of BBT temperatures isn't quite accurate based on more up to date medical research.
Also, my initial question was not addressed...I was asking about double-stranded DNA antibodies, which in my case is positive.  The ANA screen and titer was negative, as was the single stranded DNA antibodies, which seems to be an unlikely scenario in the research I have done.
But thank you for your response.
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Dr Barnes test is still the golden standard to my opinion.
Thyroid hormones stimulate diverse metabolic activities in most tissues, leading to an increase in basal metabolic rate. One consequence of this activity is to increase body heat production, which seems to result, at least in part, from increased oxygen consumption and rates of ATP hydrolysis.
So this would never be outdated, as it is part of a biological process.

TSH may be one of the "established" tesst for thyroid function, however, I do not see how it verifies thyroid function when there's thyroid hormone resistance.
Same in diabetes 2 there's insulin resistance.

To rule out low thyroid function, other than doing the Dr. Barnes self test,
Free T3 , Free T4 and reverse T3 must be checked.

For more info on this, please consider checking out the
"Stop the thyroid madness" website and also Dr. Mark Star's
'Hypothyroidism Type 2"

Many hypothyroid sufferers, show no classic hypothyroid symptoms, yet are suffering from a multitude of other symptoms.
I have 2 members of my own family in this situation.
Beware of "established" medical  diagnostic & treatment protocols and related "established" medical research.
Please do not take everything for granted.

The positive double stranded DNA antibodies with negative ANA and titer,
is a possible presentation of inactive SLE, however, you should discuss it with your Rheumatologist, who in order to rule this out must verify that  
a minimum of 4 out of the 11 diagnostic criteria for SLE are not met.

Best Wishes

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True, TSH is not the sole indicator of hypothyroid - I agree.  However, conception alone would be near impossible and I have no problem GETTING pregnant.  My problem is STAYING pregnant, and is believed to be caused by some type of auto-immune disorder that is clotting and cutting off blood supply to the uterus.  We have gotten as far as seeing the we know there are other issues that can immediately be ruled out, and chromosomal testing has been normal as well, though I also know this not a comprehensive test.  I am on one last cycle of trying this month, and then plan on seeing a hematologist for a wider spectrum of testing.  
I had the following tests:
Antiplatelet antibodies
Thyroid cascade
ANA Screen and Titer
Anti ds DNA
Anto-Ro-LA (SSA - SSB)
Lupus Anticoagulants
Anticardiolipin Antibodies

Every test came back in normal ranges, with only the ds DNA ab being positive high.  The CH50 was the high range of normal, but still in the normal ranges and not at the max.
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