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Tingly sansation left side of head
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Tingly sansation left side of head

I was told to redirect my question to this forum to a  Prof.Dr.Garth Nicolson at Autoimmune Community forum.

Here is my problem

Hi well ive been having this rather wierd tingly sensation on the left side of my head, sometimes it can feel sore and itchy and other times i can feel pressure and a tingly sensation, it dosent hurt as much as it does irritate me but there is a slight amount of pain.  Ive felt the same feeling before about 2-3 years ago but i didnt think much of it as it went after a day or 2, but since it randomly came up about a week ago its been there all day every day.  If i compare the left side of my head to the right side of my head my left side (the side in which the sensation is on) feels alot tighter to that of my right hand side.  Anyway im going to get it checked out in a day or 2 if it dosent go away, and i was just wondering if anyones got any answers or has had the same problem as me.

Thank you in advance

Sorry i dont know ecaxtly what kind of topic this would fall into as i have no knowledge of what the symptons could relate to.
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Hi ,
i ve been told to redirect the question to you. Please see below
my name is Atik, im 23
I want to inquire about this problem i ve been having for a few months now. I get this pins and needles feeling all over my body as soon as my body temperatureTemperature measurement gets warmer or i engage in any sort of pysical activity or if im around alot of heat.  I usually have to run out into the cold to calm this feeling or cool down my body with a fan or cold water. It usually occurs in the winter. I tried allergy midicine from the doctor and it didnt have any affect., Also,I tried taking Vitamin B to help with my red blood cells but that hasnt changed anytihng either.
Could anyone advise if thye have information on this.
Thanks in adance
I am not an expert, but I know there are several things that can cause the tingling sensations.  This is certainly not an exhaustive list.

vit B-12 deficiency

You can go to the symptom checker here on MedHelp and put in your symptoms.  Here's a starting point w/ heat intollerance.  You can add symptoms and take them away. also has a symptom checker.  I think MedHelp's is easier to navigate.

Hope this helps, ~Kara
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