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Vertigo, fatigue, vision problems.
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Vertigo, fatigue, vision problems.

Hello, I am 24yrs old, go to the gym 2 to 4 times a week (for the last 10yrs) and my parents medical history is (Mother had High Blood Pressure and died of pulmonary embolism, my father has diabetes)

9 months ago I started felling vertigo and off balance (it happened when I was standing, sitting, walking and even lying down), muscle stiffness in the arms and eye problems (like the degree of myopia increased) in the right eye, and light sensivity.

I've had MRI (Negative, but one doctor told me I had a very old/untreated cronic (chronic) sinusitis), CT (Negative), nystagmography (Negative, had only a little nystagmus in "pre caloric test, of 4,9% horizontally to the left", or whatever this means, doctor said it was normal).

Electrocardiogram, ergometric test and 24-Hour Holter Monitoring were normal.

from this point on all my symptoms could be affected/caused by stress, since I got hypochondriac from all this

later on I felt GERD symptoms (chest pain, sensation of something stuck in throat, sometimes a acid liquid came from my throat), but a Abdominal USG came out negative.

then I started noticing I could see black spots in my vision whenever my heart was beating faster (like in the gym), ophtalmologist said retina was ok and I should check a Neuro-Ophtalmologist. Also, my vertigo seems to, sometimes, "move me" with my heart beat as well, I fell like every beat moves my body a little.

More recently I fell little spasm in my legs and weird located pain, like above the knee or inside the shank.

One night I felt like cold blood was running in my left arm's vein.

Blood test was negative, except by low vitamin D (I am a very pale person though.

In rare ocassions I felt headache, and when it happened it was, again, in weird locations, like behind the eyes, above the nose or on the top of the head (right under the scalp)

I was (actually still AM) afraid it could be MS but both MRI and CT came negative, I showed the results and especifically asked this to a few of the doctors I've been. Also my symptoms lasts up to 20 days and retreat to another 20 days, not matching with MS.

One things I need to mention is that all these symptoms are MUCH worse on the left side of the body, except the vision, (but I've read our optic nerves makes a X, the right eye is treated by the left side of the brain and vice versa) but it makes sense.

Any idea what it could be? Maybe a vascular disorder (since it is much worse in the left side)? Does sinusitis infection spread to eventually cause this? One doctor told me it could be temporomandibular disorder (tmd).

Srry for the long text and thanks in advance
Hi Maluko.

You may find that Vitamin D3 supplementation -2000-5000 IU sublingual
drops daily might help with MOST of your symptoms.

Your muscles NEED vitamin D support and also vitamin D receptors are located within muscle tissue! It may also help with GERD symptoms and

Look into possible underlying issues for vitamin D deficiency:
1. Low fat diet. Vitamin D is fat soluble!
2. High stress levels (hidden stress included) as this increases cortisol levels (cortisol needs a lot of cholesterol, leaving insufficient cholesterol for
vit D)
3. Hypothyroidism or even sub-clinical low thyroid function -specially with leaky gut, leads to reduced vit.D absorption.

There are other possibilities, however this one is probably the obvious and easiest one to correct.

I hope this helps but please note that my comments are not intended to replace medical advice.

Take care.
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