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Weight Lifting

After I lift weights I get sick, during intense lifting I can feel getting sick, like a cold coming on. I have lifted weights since 18 and I am 24. This started two years ago.

Also 2 years ago I was under the assumption I contracted an STD due to my genitals hurting like crazy 3 days after unprotected sex. Went to the doctor, urine sample, blood sample, visual inspection and the only thing that came up was prostititus just cause I said that does not feel good when getting my prostade checked which I assume it doesn't feel good for anyone.................................... My weight lifting senario all started after this.............I was clear of HIV which is auto immune disorder...........i thought i might have HSV due to getting red dots on my feet, stomache, arms after sometimes lifting or in the sun

Now I am under the assumption I have LUPUS........
-painful, stiff joints
- fatigue (i have gained weight 20 pds, now 220, i am an insomniac who has a 8-5, which all could related to the fatigue)
- rashes on the skin (could be the HSV i thought from above which i have not been diagnosed and blood tested 5 times but i have read all the articles saying the blood test is BS, could be folliculitis, and i do have eczema!)
- mouth ulcers
- no butterfly rash, but i am one of those rosy people that always gets questioned oooo were u in the sun......
- my toes get purplish on the joints with little lacerations on them after strenuous cardio.......
- my aunt has lupus......
- sun sensitivity, the rash on arms legs stomache that could be folliculitis or hsv but after the sun it comes up too, i grew up in OC and this never use to happen until 2 years ago right after the assumed STD
- and the sick after weight lifting

What could this beeeeeeeeeeeeeee? Or what other Autoimmune disorders are out there. This is affecting my entire life because I can not go to the gym, therefore I feel lazy, than i eat, than gain weight. The only thing I care about is being in shape and having girls like me for being extrmely good looking (i am shallow and insecure) Now i am getting depressed. Please help............
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Avatar f tn
Do you wear a HR monitor when you lift weights maybe your pushing your self to hard.

You symptoms seem simular to mine i often get sick after excersing a lot for a fue month. It happened again recently I got so angry with body it's like my body hate me exercising. Any way long story short I got a HR monitor for the gym and dicovered I suffering from tachycardia. I could get to 185 pulse just walking slowly. Every time I stand up I get tachy still. I now fianally on heart med's to help the tachycardia but I had to discover this problem for my self.

You may not have tachycardia like me but maybe your heart rate is getting to high when you lift weights and maybe your pushing your self to hard. You HR should not exceed 200- your age when exercising properly. Just an idea any way

Also have you had your heart check I heard a lot healthy athletes have hidden Heart problems for some reason. so much so that the athletes now often have there heart checked compleatly.
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I've run into the same issue, and have been really angry that in trying to cake care of myself, my body is attacking itself (meanwhile, everywhere I look I see fat f*cks who couldn't be bothered with health).

I have a range of autoimmune issues, including celiac, Chron's and now, possibly RA. I also developed a condition called POTS that makes intense weight training and elevation exercises (roman situps, lifts, etc) impossible. The blood pools in my lower extremities and causes arrhythmia and fainting.

Also, it turned out that my muscles were breaking down too rapidly after workouts, and it was causing my creatnine levels (CPK) to rise dangerously high. In my case,. I had to stop working out completely -- the muscle tissue can actually clog up your kidneys and cause kidney failure.

A blood test will show your CPK levels -- in fact, you can ask your doctor to do one when you've just worked out, then one after a week of no exercise. That will help determine if you have a CPK issue.

Also check out the autoimmune issue, esp. since you have some in your family. Intense exercise brings out the worse in my auto-immune issues, so I have to be a weenie if I want any exercise at all.

Good luck--I know how frustrating it can be to miss out on the natural high of exercise. Hope you get it resolved soon.
p.s. I decided to respond to you despite the fact that Brady killed my fantasy football team last year.  ;)
Avatar f tn
I feel the exact same way.

I don't smoke, or do drugs, I rarly drink even on special day's, I've always tryed to eat good healthy food and small portion's, I walk every where. Before my depression and my struggle daily tachycardia I could walk at a fast pace for 2 hours to a set of shops and even back again after I walked around the shops for hours as well.

While my partner drink's energy drinks, hates walking anywhere, eats lollies way too much and too often, only eats one meal a day Tea, eat way more then he should, His family worse then he is one of his sister smoke and drink etc and my friend dose drugs and drinks every week end people at my class talk about dbeing drunk all the time I see them eating crap and drinking energy drinks and iced coffee all day long or soda drinks loaded with sugar

I don't get it people assume when they hear all the issues I have that I must be a doing some thing to cause it. I love to know what I could have posiably done so wrong to my body to have so many different things causing me to feel so horrable so often.

I some times get so angry that I want to just go do all the bad things that are meant to put your health at risk. Some time when I'm suffering so bad I just want to die or I wish I was never born or that I could rubbed out and started again.

take care
Avatar m tn
I have the same issues, start working a good rhythm and schedule at he gym, get sick after a couple of really good weeks everytime.
I have learned that to control my weight, I have to eat several small meals a day and only 1 or 2 enjoyable meals a week. I stay hungry most of the tiem, but after 2 or 3 weeks, it's a habit and not an issue.
Gym training, this one is tougher for me, when I feel good, I want to rack massive weights, do tons of reps..... CAN'T, it'll feel great but I'll get the crash later. Sooooo, I use a heart rate monitor, and I NEVER exceed 135 BPM (you'll have to find your own personal "crash later" not to exceed limit).
I also know a couple or triggers, if I start yawning, I'm done, it is definitely a trigger point for me. Also, I do not fatigue or over stress my muscles when I lift, I do comfortable sets and do not strain or go to failure, it really ***** because I love the endorphins, but it's not worth it.
I feel better and look better every week. I was a solid 255lbs, Lupus got me really fat and weak, very slowly but surely heading back to where I was, I'll be where I want to be in a few months. It took 4 years to learn this myself.
Be methodical to find out what works and what screws you, log ALL of your food intake, workouts and how you feel morning, noon and night after meals workouts etc, you will notice patterns on review and will be able to strategize your return to greatness.
Best of luck!!
Avatar m tn
I know my response is much later than the original post but I feel compelled to respond to address some misinformation & offer some advice.

First, HIV is NOT an autoimmune disease.  It stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus.  The virus is a pathogen or infectious microorganism that can lead to AIDS or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.  Immune deficiency means that the persons immune system FAILS making them susceptible to a variety of opportunistic infections or diseases. HIV is a contagious virus that can be transmitted through bodily fluids & sexual activity.

An Autoimmune Disease is a condition in which the person's immune system
is fully functional but mistakenly attacks the person's own body.  There are many autoimmune diseases that are typically differentiate by what part of the body they attack.  For example, Celiac's is a condition that mistakenly attacks the digestive system due to a immune response or allergy to wheat gluten. Similarly, Rheumatoid or Psoriatic Arthritis are conditions where the immune system attacks the joints & connective tissue.  Multiple Sclerosis or MS attacks the nervous system. Lupus is a more systemic disease where the immune system attacks cells & tissues potentially affecting major organs.  There are additional autoimmune conditions.

These are not contagious diseases but heredity can be a factor. If some one in your family has an autoimmune condition, you are more likely to potentially develop an autoimmune condition. There are symptoms common to many of these conditions that include fatigue, loss of strength, & pain. Simple blood tests can identify some conditions. Others require physical exam & medical history. Many of these conditions will present as 'flares' or episodes of acute symptoms that eventually resolve but later flare again & again.  There is a whole spectrum as to how frequently or how intensely your symptoms may present.

You should discuss your concerns with your primary care doctor emphasizing recurrent episodes of profound fatigue, loss of strength, or unexplained pain.   I strongly advice seeing a rheumotologist if you suspect you may have an autoimmune condition as they specialize in these conditions.

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