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What should I expect from Sjogren's Syndrome? Don't know what...
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What should I expect from Sjogren's Syndrome? Don't know what's wrong with me besides the Sjogren's.

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with Sjogren's syndrome. I'm a 43 year old female and I do get the dry eyes but I've had a difficult time trying to figure out what to expect as far as the progression of the condition, what I can prevent, and how to manage the progression. I was told I could eventually lose my eyesight.

I get eczema-like patches on my skin now, from time to time. Aveeno oatmeal lotion seems to stop it when it starts, for the most part. On occasion, it doesn't and I have to use hydrocortizone to get rid of the patch,...which often time turns into a discoloration of the skin or a mole. Is eczema also a symptom of Sjogren's syndrome? I had what seemed like a diaper rash for about a week a few months ago. I thought I had a yeast infection at one point but none of the usual remedies helped. I had it on and off for almost a year. I was tested for everything and they said I had no diseases. I do seem to have a lot of skin-healing problems. If I'm injured, even in the mildest way like a light scrape or bruise, it takes a long time to heal and then it usually turns into a scar.

I also bruise easily, sometimes from nothing...they just appear. I've had blood tests and they say everything is normal. The doctor has no idea who to refer me to, to help me. The bruises take forever,to heal, if they heal. I have spider veins. I have a bruise feeling on the sides and under my thighs when I lay or sit down. It seems worse in the evening after sitting for a while before bedtime. After a while, it feels hot, like I'm leaning against a heater. If I put my hand near my leg, I can feel the heat coming from it. Very uncomfortable. Does bruising have anything to do with Sjogren's?

I know I'm at the age a woman starts menopause but the healing issues don't seem to fit menopause. If I'm awakened in the middle of the night, I toss and turn until it's time to get up because I'm uncomfortable. And, I have a problem with the nerves in my elbows. My pinky and ring fingers go numb on me when I sleep if I sleep on my back with my arms flat on the bed. My knees seem to have a bit of pain in them if I do stairs or hills for any amount of time. I know these things might not be related, but I figure too much is better than too little.

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. It's frustrating when my doctor doesn't even know what kind of doctor to refer me to. I've been to a neurologist (says there is a problem at my elbows, just below normal conductivity or some similar meaning at the elbows), a blood doctor (found nothing abnormal), rheumatologist (found the Sjogren's syndrome but I only saw him once a few years ago), a bone doctor (recently bruised the bones in my knees when someone slid into me, iceskating) and a cancer doctor for the tumor they found in my spine (which hasn't grown at all in the 4 years we've known about it...he says it may have been there for a very long time...we're just keeping an eye on it for now). Thanks for any help. :)
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I'm not sure whether or your Sjogren's diagnose has anything to do with your eczema, but I wouldn't be surprised if it did. My mother's has Sjogren's and she is having problems with numbness in one of her arms and shoulder pain. She's currently on a treatment that has been successfully treating chronic conditions, including lyme disease... without antibiotics.


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