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Whats wrong with me =(
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Whats wrong with me =(

Hey, sorry to bother anyone. But for the last little while i have been having symptoms such as:

Cold clammy hands
headaches (getting worse)
Minor memory loss (short term)
upset stomach
loss of appitite
chest pain
lack of sleep(always tired)
joint pain
tingle feeling through face and hands
itchy eyes
my stools are lighter colour than normal, they are also more frequent

And i have been in the hospital atleast 4 times this week on checkups on my heart, I have developed and arrithmiea and my heart rate was 140 for a  bit while I was in there. I havent had any blood work done or have been to a check up in years. Havent really had it on my mind at 21 years of age really. But to say the least, i am pretty freaked out.. Does anyone have maybe a basic idea of what could cause this? I have made an appointment with my doc but where I live there kind of slow paced doctors. Im thinking any info i can bring into him might help him look into things better. I fear it may be a liver disease and im kind of scared.
Any information or ideas would be helpfull. Thanks!
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Hi, sorry you are having trouble. A good start would be to get your primary doctor to give you a liver function test (if you think there's a problem going on there), but try not to close the door on other possibilities and let the doctors do their assessment, too. Were you able to get any information from the doctors at the emergency room the times you were there, I expect that they did do some blood tests. My heart rate gets very high frequently and I have had multiple tests for that. 40% of the time it is well above average (between 140-166 bpm). If you're nervous, it can also cause your heart to race, as well. Did the emergency doctors recommend that you see any particular specialists? It's hard to tell from your list of symptoms what could be going on with you. Blood tests should tell you more. I would also recommend asking for copies of your test results and keeping a file and/or journal of your symptoms so that you can track what is happening. Try not to panic, but definitely continue to follow up on what's happening. I hope that you feel better soon :)
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Hey, thanks for the reply! To start the doctors have no clue what the pain in my chest is caused from, my guess it would be PCS (Precordial Catch Syndrome) it is the most common cause of recurring chest pain. It occurs most often in children and teenagers, but does persist into adulthood as well. The pain occurs just under the left nipple, near where you feel the heart beat most strongly on the front of the chest, and comes on very suddenly. The best way for my to rid the pain is to overcome it by taking a sharp inhale, at that point it feels like a poping feeling.

As for the other symptoms I have mentioned I fear they are of another illness..
The doctors I have seen did not conduct blood tests. I was hooked up to a EKG and heart monitor for hours. They told me the problem could have been low electolytes or even my posture. Im worried about the other things more so than this "Stitch" feeling in my chest.
Alot of symptoms do point to liver malfunctions to be the worst case. Then again maybe I have a flu or virus coming on if that is possible? At any rate I have an appointment with my Family doctor on the 15th so untill then my best bet is to not worry so much and try to deal with all the aches and pains till then.
Again I appreciate your consideration. Any other info you may come across or think of please let me know. Best medication is to ease the mind :) Thanks again
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Oh forgot to mention other symptoms of this random illness:
My heart beat is faint in my chest
I get tingles when i enter the shower/bath in my hands,feet,face
I am off balance often
Shaking in the hands
cramped feet sometimes (like charlie horse)
get random pains around my body in weird places
constriction of breath(shortend breaths)
pain in my right side under pecktorial area (not as frequent as others)

That pretty much sums it up
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