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Where do we start with autoimmune disease
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Where do we start with autoimmune disease

Short Version: My daughter 21 started with food allergies and severe gut intolerances, naturopath thinks leaky gut, also absent seizures then kicked in, tried many seizure drugs throught Neuro which upset gut even more not to mention all the other side effects, has barmah forest virus and epstien bar too, autoimmune  disease shows up and dr is sending her to Reumotolgist first. On SCD diet and many supplements from naturopath. When she cleans her teeth the gums bleed and when tongue is scraped the tongue bleeds a little..also some foods make her teeth tingley and she gets weird pains in teeth sometimes.  Is using Bi Carb to clean teeth as all natural toothpastes have essential  oils in which she is allergic to . Any suggestions please.
Many thanks
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Hi Wendy and welcome to the forum.

So sorry for her suffering. It all sounds so *familiar though. see below

The SCD program is great!
Leaky gut  syndome is highly suspect.
There's a simple urine test available for Leaky Gut Syndrome: mannito/lactulose test.

Bicarb mixed with extra virgin coconut oil will give her a therapeutic&safe
Also a possible major source of infection is from her oral cavity.
To remedy this, she must do "oil pulling" daily using preferably  extra virgin coconut oil , as it is anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, anti-protozoic, anti-viral and anti-microbial. The oral cavity is a perfect host for billions of harmful bacteria and toxins. Oil pulling is the best defence for this. Just do as earch for it.
I recommend that she replaces pro-inflammatory cooking oils with  extra virgin coconut oil , as well. 3-4 T daily is therapeutic dosage.
Visit the coconut research center website for more details.

Check ALL the ingredients on the supplements. Some, even  from the Naturopath, may contain "illegal" ingredients.
Absence seizures, may have to do with leaky gut. Look into the GAPS
program for details, as it is too lengthy to explain it here and make all the connections for you.
Underlying infections (parasitic, viral or bacterial infections)  are likely  at the root of most her problems and of course candida is the main suspect of her leaky gut with secondary suspects being gluten intolerance, gut dysbiosis, or food allergies/sensitivities.
Dr Coca's Pulse test is a good way to check for the latter, regarding anything ingested. It's a free download.

Auto-immune is an overused term. My theory is that the immune system is  either attacking infectious pathogens hiding in the tissues-some of them borrowing cellular membrane disguise themselves as normal cells-or there's a simple case of "molecular mimicry" if you want to look it up.
There are other possibilities for A/I expression, but I'll leave those for the another post.

To correct Gut Dysbiosis she needs to continue the SDC program,
supplement with UNDENATURED whey protein and selenium.
She needs to build up her glutathione production, safely.
Glutathione is one of the few agents (it's a tri-peptide)when in ample supply  keeps the JNK gene dormant. The JNK gene is a disease signalling gene, so when activated over time it means one thing: chronic and or serious disease. ( I'm oversimplifying the process for obvious reasons)

Also prebiotics and probiotics of the highest quality and SCD safe are a must! I'm guessing she's probably on them already.
Pastured meats from local grass fed cattle and organic fresh vegetables
are recommended as well as fresh mercury free fish.
HLA panel is recommended to verify her ability to clear biotoxins.
Has she done any testing for hypothyroid and hormonal panel?
Any tests for deficiencies, stomach acid levels, intrinsic factor?

Extra CAUTION with any suggested medications as they may exasperate her condition greatly!
Her situation is very delicate and I personally know people with similar health issues who's life got reduced to bare existence b/c of various medical treatments and meds.
I don't mean to alarm you, but I'm very familiar with all this*, as we (it is a family dynamic) went through the whole experience with my daughter.

Please post again or if you prefer PM me directly.
There are other things that should be checked as well.
But I'll leave it for another time.

Wish you and your daughter well.

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Thankyou for your advise, I will definately look into all of your suggestions.
I will PM you directly.
Kind regards
Wendy .
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Hi Wendy.
Palm Kernel oil has similar benefits to Coconut oil (not to be confused with palm oil) if she can tolerate it.
Also petite mal or absence seizures could be directly or indirectly, a result of a deficiency in Neurotransmitters and other elements and also an energy deficit in the brain,which could be partially corrected by MCT oils or Palm Kernel Oil- if it has the same capacity to cross the blood brain barrier , I'll check into this. Again only if she's not reactive to this.
Undenatured whey powder is  usually fine for people who have dairy intolerance b/c of lactose or casein, as it doesn't contain either of those.
It's worth a try. Transdermal glutathione is another option.
My daughter's life is now manageable.
She's quite functional but extremely careful and cautious.
Recently  she finished a holistic health program, hypnotherapy and hypnobirthing program. She's excited!
Gotta run-work.
We'll be in touch.
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