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joint pain 24yr vision changes, dry eyes, heart palpatations, pleurisy,...
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joint pain 24yr vision changes, dry eyes, heart palpatations, pleurisy, numbness, vertigo + more HELP!

What could cause:
Joint pain in several joints (hands, knee, hip)
headaches (pinpointed)
Stiff neck
changing vision and dry eyes
pain in lung /  chest / pleurisy
heart skipping beats
dizziness (feels like all the sudden the room tilts backward lasts 5 seconds)
decreased ability to fight off infection (have thrush on nipple for 3 months won't go away with med.)
Severely heavy menstruation
Very low energy / tired
rash if sunburned
Numbness (facial, feet, hands)
Limbs fall asleep easily
occasional ringing in ears
recurrent kidney and uti infections
bad dandruff and flaky eyebrows
noticing strange smell in body odor (almost like garlic, or something like that)

I have had elevated things in my CBC's, I was bitten by a tick and had a really bad reaction approx 12 years ago.  
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By your symptoms, it sounds like you probably have a hormone imbalance.  Here is a site to get you started reading:

Yeast overgrowth might be an issue also.  I know with my entire family, a gluten free diet relieves alot of the eyebrow symptoms and the dandruff and, actually, many of your symptoms.  It can also help correct hormones if the gluten is a problem.  When people lack enough enzymes to break down certain foods, the food allows overgrowth of yeast.  Cow's milk products is another food group that causes this problem.  And of course sugar feeds yeast well too.  Food intolerances can also cause many nutrient deficiencies, leading to many of your symptoms.  Gluten, milk and sugar and yeast and genetics and hormone imbalances can all be connected with autoimmune problems.  So due to your extensive list of symptoms, I would highly recommend starting off with a gluten free diet for about 3 months and see what symptoms improve.  If the gluten is having an impact on hormones, give the hormones a few months to even out.  Read up on the diet and make sure you take at least a multivitamin (that is gluten free - NatureMade brand says gluten free on the label).  The diet must be followed 100%.  If you'd like to give it a try, and need food suggestions, just leave me a message and I'll help you out.

Have you ever had your ferritin levels checked (the body's stored iron) and B12 levels?
Have you had hormonal bloodwork done before?  Thyroid tests done?

I hope this helps!   My oldest daughter had many of your symptoms - the eyes, the hormonal type symptoms, uti's - almost your entire list of symptoms.  So consider trying this approach.  Hang in there.
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You need a good rheumy to check you for Sjorgens Syndrome, Lupus, and Lyme disease.

I would love to know what was elevated in the CBC,

But neither the less you need further testing.
This could be either Lyme, or an auto-immune disease.asmentioned above.

Good Luck
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If you were bitten by a tick that many years ago, it could still be Lyme's disease.  I actually know two people who have Lyme's who were never bitten by a tick.

Have you been tested for PCOS or endometriosis?  Have you been tested for Lupus?

You should definitely be tested for autoimmune issues.  And I would certainly recommend your asking your question on the Lyme forum and the autoimmune forum.  Someone on the Lyme's forum will have more exact information than I do about testing for Lyme's disease and protocol and how to get the right treatment for it.
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Sweetie, DO get testd for l Lymes!!! First go to a Rhuematologist and your pirmary. Get a Lupus Profile, RA Factor, Anti CCP, etc. Also get a CD57 and more. I'm telling you now that most doctors will most likely NOT . give you all the tests you need. MOST doctors THINK they know how to treat for Lymes but they really don't know what they're doing. Lymes can mimic a lot of syndromes and diseases. If they do test for Lymes they will probably first test you for the Essay first. That's protocol but PLEASE insist on the Lymes Westernblot and Please insist that they send your blood to IGENIX LABS in California. They test for it differently and will come out positive when other labs wouldn't.

I had lymes 24yrs ago and was undertreated. It reactivated two years later and I received 3 wks. of IV antibotic (antibiotic) therapy. I went into remission for 17yrs and have been ill will SO many symtoms (symptoms). Sounds like you. No doctor wanted to give me another test and I was in and out of hospitals. Finally a doctor did and it came out Positive. Still trying to get it into remission. It's important that you look for a goood LLMD (Lyme Literate doctor).  I finally found one and this doc is wonderful.

Lymes can hide from antibiotic treatment and stay dornmant for decades. If you don't catch it within the first month, then you'll always have it. It's called Chronic Lymes and you'll have to say one step ahead of it to keeep it in remission.

Lymes make your immune system low therefore opening a can of worms. It can give you autoimmune problems and you have to keep your immunity up! Test for Candida Albicans and Hashimoto's also EVEN if your thyroid tests come back normal!!!!!!

What state do you live in? Some states are more infected than others.
I wish you well!
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