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looking for a great diagnostician
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looking for a great diagnostician

I am desperately looking for a great medical diagnostician !!?
hi, i really don t know anymore what to say or to think , but my condition seems to be worsing with every day and my specialists here are not really helping me .i am on coumadine {blood thinners| from last year april and i still get episodes of dyspnea , naussea , chest pains ,pressure in the chest and head , severe weakness,pain in my legs , migraines .
from 1998 and 1999 the doctors here saw trombosis in the left leg,
last year in my lungs , and my internal specialist put me on hold , said that he was going to help me to see if a have a sort of vasculitis or autoimmune disease from last year but up till know he has not done or run any test to help me and i feel like i need a better diagnostic and a another treatment with the coumadine .
i really want to know what is causing all these health problems and if i have to travel to the states in order to get a better help or a diagnostic , i will have to do it ,
cause my life depends on it and i really wants to see my 3 children grow up , specially my youngest son of 5 yrs old .
he needs me more and in a better condition than this , cause he is autism and i really wants to be there for him to help him more , more than i am doing right now , cause i am constantly down with these symptoms
i am desperately looking for information about a really good medical detective , who is good enough to help come to a answer to my health problem.
any one how know about a great medical diagnostician , please provide me with more info !!!
thank you all !
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I cant help but just wanted to say your in my prayers. Can i ask so you get ulcers at all was just thinking of beckets (not spelling right) auto immune disorder to do with the blood

dont the consultants have any idea, there is a mimic of MS that cause blood clots but cant think of its name. with the leg pain and migraines could be fibromyalgia?? hope others chip in. sam
hi ,thank you for your prayer and comments
my internist thinks it could be bechets , but he put me on  hold for about a year now
and my condition has got worst
but i am praying and hope for a positive out come even dough it seems so hard to get it here where i live
god bless you
Hi Suaad,

You could post a question to the experts not sure if you have to pay for this or not its listed in forums on the experts side.

I am in the UK so have little knowledge of how the USA system works if you are indeed USA.

I am shocked that your internist put you on hold for a yr can you not go back and tell him how this is ruining your life and demand some answers? i will carry on holding you up in prayer.

God Bless

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