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muscle tremors, stomach problems, bruise like rashes high white blood c...
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muscle tremors, stomach problems, bruise like rashes high white blood cell count,and arthritis

I am pretty desperate at this point and any ideas can't hurt.  

I am a 43 old male and developed bruise like rashes around my trunk or mid-section and a biopsy was performed and showed a possible connective tissue disorder however it was dismissed by a rheumatologist as an unknown skin condition.  

At about the same time I started to get leg tremors when I try walking down stairs, bending over or strenuous activity and now get them in my arms and shoulders.

I have recently was admitted into the hospital for colitis or and upper GI bleed and have had stomach problems for sometime now.  

I also am a long time Cluster Headache sufferer for more that twenty years and have turned chronic.

If there is anyone out there that knows or has these same symptoms please respond…Thank you!
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Have a look at stills disease. That causes a rash in the trunk area, a low grade fever and arthritis. Adult onset stills is very rare. My one friend has it and was in the hospital for a month because they couldn't find a diagnosis.

Here is the symptoms of stills from the mayo clinic website


Most people with Adult Still's disease experience a combination of the following signs and symptoms:

    * Fever. You may experience a daily fever of at least 102 F for a week or longer. The fever usually peaks in the late afternoon or early evening. Between episodes, your temperature will likely return to normal.
    * Rash. A salmon-pink bumpy or flat rash may come and go with the fever. The rash usually appears on your trunk, arms or legs. Physical contact such as rubbing your skin or exposing it to hot water may provoke the rash to appear.
    * Achy and swollen joints. You may find that your joints — especially your knees, wrists, ankles and elbows — are stiff, painful and inflamed. Usually, the joint discomfort lasts at least two weeks.
    * Muscle pain. Muscular pain associated with Adult Still's disease usually ebbs and flows with the fever. It may be severe enough to disrupt your daily activities.

Good luck!
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Thank you for replying however, I don't have a fever I do get night sweats and the rash is looks like a yellowish black bruise.  Again thanks for the input
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I was looking for information anywhere on possible symptoms for a reoccurring rash on my back that looks like a purple bruise, periodically covering the top half of my back, on each side. I can't think of any other related sytemptoms however and can't find much online
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