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still dont know what i have
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still dont know what i have

I am a active 38 year old male. 2 months ago i had severe abdominal pain, wen tto ER and was diagnosed with a Superior Mesentaric Vein thrombus. No history of any medical issues, or family history of clotting issues.

Im on warfarin and the clot is shrinking. My LFTs have continued to climb, now into the 300's. Was 105 upon admission to the hosp. I had a positive ANA test with "speckled pattern"

Liver bopsy was suggested but both docs do not want to stop the warfain in order to do the biopsy.

My PCp does seem concerned, and is following me closley. The GI guy is not concerned and in fact just last week, with the highest LFT yet, told me to recheck in 6 weeks. My PCP wants to check more often.

PCP has raised Autoimmune Hep. as a possible dx.  GI doc says its "unlikley".  And i really hope he is right.

So my question is, should i stop worring and just wait it out and see what happens or shold i puch for more agressive exploration to obtain a firm diagnosis.

Also, now that the clot is resolving i feel totally fine.  But I still dont know why i got the huge clot out of the blue, which is a little scary

Thanks for any input
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Sorry to hear you have been unwell, and it looks like you have a very good pcp, and a not so bothered gi doc.

You also have a speckled ANA.
What do they think to that? or is that also not a concern.

I would like to ask you have you been tested for Antiphospolipid syndrome?
This condition causes the blood to become sticky in other words more likely to clot.
Also with this condition you can get a clot anywhere in the body. even the liver.

I would ask your pcp, because he sounds like he his on the ball. To check you for Antiphospolipid syndrome, which to be tested for is two simple bloodtests.
The bloodtests you will need for this are....
LA=Lupus Anticoagulant.
ACL=Anti cardiolipin.

I would recommend you being tested, for this condition, as at the moment you are on the right treatment for it, which is anticoagulants.

Good luck.
I hope this has helped you a little, i might not be right, but this is one condition which causes, bloodclots in all different places in the body.

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