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Hi, this time last year i spent most of my summer in the doctors surgery convinced after i did much research that i had an under active thyroid.
They did lots of tests and everything came back fine, i was devastated as i felt so ill and i just could not face going there any more so i have struggled on living my days on energy drinks as i fall asleep all the time, my neck feels like it has a vice round it and i feel like i have a lump in my throat, my wrists,knees and ankles are painful and i have really sore painful eyes, my memory has gone from being amazing to awful and i feel really weak, does any one feel the same way, i  am 37 years old and had a hysterectomy 5 years ago as i had endometriosis, i go to work come home and sit on the settee for hours as i just have no energy and i have had enough, i have tried taking cod liver oil and numerous other vitamins but i actually started to feel worse.

Any ideas please?
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On reading your post, my first suggestion would have been thyroid. But then you said youve been tested.
Can i ask you have you had the FreeT3. Free T4. TSH. and also the thyroid antibody blood tests to rule out thyroid disease?
Also have you had a thyroid ultrasound on the neck?

If you havent then i would be seeing my doctor for some rigorous testing.
I hope this is off some help.
Please keep me posted.
I would definately be asking for a thyroid ultrasound scan, just to check for a thyroid nodule, which can make you feel like you have a lump in the throat.
Also like a tightness in the neck, like being in a vice.
Best wishes
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Hi thanks for replying, i just got my blood test results today

T4 is 17.1
TSH 1.43

they were the only thyroid tests he did i believe, he did liver etc all normal and the receptionist said thyroid normal too.

I havent had any scans of thyroid but they did a bone scan last week, waiting for results and still feel dreadful...its not that i want a problem but equally i dont want to feel like this for much longer!

Should i go back and ask for more tests or do you think the results mean its def not my thyroid?

Many thanks
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I would definately be asking for a thyroid ultrasound of the thyroid. This is a simple ultrasound of the thyroid and can pick up thyroid nodules.
Thyroid nodules can be in the thyroid with normal thyroid blood tests, so just because you thyroid bloods are ok, doesnt mean you havent got a thyoid nodule.
Also your doctor hasnt done the thyroid antibody blood test, so i would be asking for this too.

I would be having a full endocrine panel done also.
Have you had an ANA, anti-nuclear antibody blood test?
This would be a good indicator of auto-immune problems,
I would also ask for this at the same time. Just to try and rule out. other illnesses.

I hope this helps, and if you need anymore help just give me a shout.

You might have to start ruling out different illnesses, to find the cause, as your symptoms, can come with all different illnesses, and the best way would be to rule out which they may be, and then if they are negative , then move on to the next.

Get the thyroid ultrasound, i think this is a must, just to rule out a nodule.
Then go back to the drawing board, if this test is normal.
Good luck
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I agree with thyroidian, they should still do more tests related to your thyroid. My husband has Hashimoto's disease (and is actually developing goiter), but the only thing really off was his thyroid peroxidase antibody (his TSH was in the high part of the range, though). His T3 and T4 were normal. Checking out other hormones would be good, too. ACTH, cortisol (both morning serum, 24 hr urine (free and total), and late-night salivary) would show if you have Cushing's or Addison's diseases.

Could you be experiencing symptoms of menopause? If so, maybe hormone replacement therapy would help. Lupus (hence the ANA test), arthritis, mononucleosis (I had fatigue, muscle/joint pain, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes in neck), lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, are other possibilities. They should do blood work to check for inflammation, anemia or problems with your heart, kidneys or liver. Goodluck!
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You might want to ask about testing for Sjogren's.  The dry mouth and throat can make you feel as if you are choking.  Wrist, knee and ankle pain sounds familiar, too!  I was diagnosed this year with Sjogren's and it isn't a fun disease, but the meds help a lot.  The painful eyes sound like Sjogren's, too.  
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