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the marshall protocol
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the marshall protocol

has anyone had experience with the marshall protocol and been treated with it. it is a fascinating treatment protocol that is based on a whole new approach to the cause of autoimmune disease. the more i read about it the more interesting it becomes!!!!!!!
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Please give us the outline of the protocol.
its way too entalied to do here. go to 'pubmed central' and do a search on it. just put in the marshall protocol. the doctors name is trevor marshall and he or staff will email you back most of the time with answers to your questions. his protocol uses regular prescription drugs and he doesnt make a dime on any of them. he is not selling anything! he just believes that the medical community has taken the wrong tack on the treatment or a certain number of diseases. it is absolutely fascinating to read about this, and the more you read the more it makes sense.
I went and did some research myself just now...found this:

"Furthermore, in healthy individuals, the VDR transcribes an enzyme called CYP24. CYP24 breaks down excess 1,25-D, ensuring that the level of 1,25-D in the body stays in the normal range. But in chronically ill individuals, the VDR (which is blocked by bacterial susbstances) can no longer transcribe CYP24. The level of 1,25-D in the body becomes significantly elevated since there is no CYP24 to keep it in check."

You see where it says HEALTHY INDIVIDUALS>? how do you become healthy? through the food you eat!  If you can eat the good food the body CORRECTS the disease process .  You can begin this right now, today.  You don't have to buy a "protocol" or wait for more information on mostly organic raw food, most of the day and steamed veggies the fastfood or anything with preservatives or from a box and you are on your way to helping your body heal.  Will you be CURED of all idea.  But if you begin today, just think where you would be a year from today...eating the healthy food never resulted in anything negative.  You can only go UP from here.

It truely is as simple as food people.

Do your own research, don't sit around waiting for a cure for what you have. Put yourself  back in the control seat of your health today.

Begin with Dr. Gabriel Cousins, M.D.
Dr. Joel Fuhrman, M.D.
David Wolfe

Food Matters
The Beautiful Truth
Bad Seed
Dying To Have Known
Raw Food Made Easy
Raw For 30 Days: Reversing Diabetes
Healing Cancer from the inside out.
The Future of Food
Fast Food Nation
Supersize Me

The Live Food Factor
Eat To Live
anything on Raw it and amazon it

The information is out there...but you must have an open mind to receive it.

~ Amy~
Taken from:

"The Treatment
Patients on the Marshall Protocol take a medication called olmesartan (called Benicar in the United States), which is able to bind and activate the VDR by pushing 25-D and bacterial proteins out of the receptor. Patients also lower levels of 25-D in the body by avoiding the kinds of vitamin D present in various foods. These measures renew the body’s ability to turn on the innate immune system and produce the anti microbial peptides. The immune system is then able to kill the Th1 pathogens and is once again able to manage viral and other co-infections.

At the same time, MP patients take pulsed, low-dose antibiotics. Antibiotics taken in this manner are much more effective against bacteria in biofilms and are able to greatly weaken the Th1 pathogens so that the patient’s own immune system is then able to destroy them. The antibiotics weaken the bacteria by blocking their ribosomes, which they need to produce proteins that help them survive and reproduce. It’s important to understand that when the Th1 pathogens die, there is a temporary change in a patient’s immunopathology.

Immunopathology refers to the changes in the immune system that result from bacterial death (another term sometimes used is the Jarisch-Herxheimer or “Herx” reaction). Dying bacteria release toxins into the bloodstream, stimulate the production of inflammatory cytokines, and generate temporary hormonal imbalances. This means that once patients begin the MP, each dose of antibiotic will cause them to feel bad for the period of time it takes their immune system to deal with the consequences of bacterial die-off.

Before starting the MP, many people may feel that they have improved through consuming vitamin D and taking steroids such as prednisone. In reality, these compounds further inactivate the VDR, preventing the immune system from effectively killing the Th1 pathogens. Since it is the death of these forms of bacteria that generates an increase in painful symptoms, people may experience short-term relief when using vitamin D or prednisone as their immune system shuts down and fewer bacteria are killed. However, in reality, this situation allows the bacteria to spread more easily."

Once again you're taking a drug and antibiotics...not my choice of treatment.
Im' successfully lowering my antibodies of my autoimmune disease and my thyroid medication ( now compounded armour thyroid)..from 120-to 90 to 60 mg a day.
I'm happy using food to heal.

But everyone must find what works best for themselves.

Good luck to you.
Think natural is better.  If you want to kill virus and bacteria in the body there are natural substances that can do this.  For instance Garlic, olive leaf extract, cinnamon and many others that you can try.  These things kill the bad bacteria not the good bacteria.  Antibiotics kill all the bacteria.  Then you will need to take a probiotic substance to replace the good bacteria.  I take these supplement and I do not get sick anymore.  
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