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Hashimotos Thyroiditis
Hello,  I have been diagnosed with Hashi for 6 years now, positive ANA.  Borderline Lupus ratio.  
I have been getting ultrasounds of my thyroid for 5 years due to a simple goiter no dominant nodule and it is now right lobe 6.9x2.0x1.9 left is 5.8x2.1x2.0
Ithmus is 4mm.  My test are always normal, but I have so many symptoms.  Dr. wants me on 50mg of Levo to see if it shrinks, your thoughts and am I missing something?
Other Auto- B12 def. IBS and severely dry eyes.
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I think that you are headed in the right direction.  Our own studies on Hashimoto's Disease indicates that often pateints are infected with mutliple microorganisms (bacteria, viruses) that target the thyroid gland and other sites causing mutliple signs and symptoms.  Our own studies have focused on cell wall deficient bacteria (Mycoplasma, Chlamydia, Borrelia, etc.).

I would suggest that if Levo is not considered effective after several weeks of treatment that you and your physician consider switching to another Abx.

Also, there are other considerations, such as immune health, repair of mitochondrial damage, etc. that need attention.  You can find more about this on our website under Treatment Considerations, www.immed.org, especially the second publication that can be downloaded as a RTF doc.

Prof. Garth Nicolson
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