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Lyme, Bartonella, CPN, Mycoplasma and now Prostatitis
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Lyme, Bartonella, CPN, Mycoplasma and now Prostatitis

Hello Doctor...if I knew you were present on this forum I would ask sooner...I'm a huge fan :)

In October 2009 I was diagnosed with Lyme (+IGM WB), Bartonella (+IGG), CPN (+/- IGM, -IGG) and Mycoplasma pneumonia (high IGG and IGM).
My symptoms started in March 2009 and grew from standard sorethroats, frequent colds to muscle pains, anxiety attacks, depression, swollen lymphnodes, fatigue...etc. I also started to have UTIs, Urethreitis, Testicular pains from August to September.

I'm 26 and because I was sexually active (always protected) before my "regular doctors diagnosed" me with depression and hipochondria I was tested for all known to man STDs with multiple Urine and Swab real Time PCRs, blood serologies for C. Trachomatis, Syph, HIV, Ureoplasmas, Mycoplasma Homminis, Genitalium, various name it I tested for it ...all negative.
The only thing positive besides the bacteria given by the tick was Enterococcus Faecalis in semen.

My LLMD started me 10 weeks ago on abx regimen (Doxy 400mg, Cipro 1000mg, Rifampin 600mg per 24h plus Tindamax 1000mg 10 days in a month) and my physical and psyhological symptoms went away almost completely...I know I have to be on the regimen at least for 12 month but I feel almost healthy again!!:)
Unfortunately in week 6 of treetment my urological symptoms came back with big severity. My urologist says I have non-bacterial prostatitis (per rectum exam hurt) because abx killed everything there but alfa blocker do not help.
A week ago when I added Rifampin everything went away for 4 days but now is back...

1.Any Ideas?
2.Urological Herx?
3.Yeast (I'm on strict diet and antifungals) in prostate?
4.CPN, Myco, Lyme or Bart moved there?
5.Because of the antibiotics some resistant bacteria colonized the prostate?
6.Does it make sense to make another prostate secretion culture while on ABX?

Thank you!
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Because your urological symptoms were suppressed and then came back while on Abx, it suggests that this is still a bacterial problem.  Unfortunately, urological and prostate infections are often protected by biofilm and the Abx that would normally kill or suppress them are not as effective when the bugs are protected by biofilm.  To oounter this we have successfully used Detoxamin (every other day), an EDTA suppository that slowly releases EDTA (a chelator that breaks up the biofilm).  The added benefit is that blood lipoprotein profiles actually normalize to a more healthy profile (the EDTA also helps to remove the plaque that forms in your vascular system).  You can read more about this in a publication on our website that can be found under Treatment Considerations.
I forgot to add..

My CD57 is 32....I've been taking Thym Uvocal (thymostimulin) 800mg a day for the past 20 days. CD4 is 1490 and CD8 is also ok.
I also have a constant small balanitis (one small slightly painful spot on penis glans (glands)) since July (started after a week of Clarithromycin  prescribed for cold) which does not react to anti yeast, abx or noninflammatory ointments (protopic etc). Im negative for Herpes (2 serologies, 1 virus culture and 1 rt PCR) and HPV (1 rt PCR Swab).
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