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Ok, I'm new to this so here it goes.  Approximately 4 years ago I did treatment for Hep C (which is now completely gone).  After completing treatment I had extreme exhaustion which my pcp contributed to the 6 months of treatment with interferon A.  Approximately 3 years ago my pcp finally took my complaints about exhaustion seriously and did blood work everything came back "normal" except that my thyroglobulin AB levels were high.  Of course nothing was done about this as all my other labs were "normal".  4 years later and I am still exhausted all the time, my thyroglobulin ab has doubled and my "complaints" seems to be getting worse.  Now I have other "complaints" like random sweating (to the point that my clothes are wet), cold sensitivity, coarse fragile hair, loss of libido and of course exhaustion to the point that I can't even concentrate.  Oh did I mention my memory *****!  I have finally convinced my new pcp (we moved) to do new blood work as I have an appointment with an endocrinologist next week.  The results are as follows:

T3 Free 3.1 (normal range 2.0-4.8)
T4 Free 1.2 (normal range 0.8-1.7)
TSH 2.81 (normal range0.45-4.50)
Thyroglobulin <1 (normal range <56)
and Thyroglobulin AB 109 (high) (normal range <41)

My pcp says I am wasting my time and money going to the endocrinologist.  She says my labs are normal thus there is nothing that can be treated.  Is she right am I wasting my time and money?  Has anyone else had symptoms with normal labs?  Am I just going to feel awful forever?
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