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So discouraged. Can't stop crying. Very hypo & hyper too
(also posted in thyroiditis forum: is this proper??)
This is long - didn't know how to make it any shorter.

Was given a new script for 112 mcg generic levothyroxine due to numbers below and increased sleepiness and cold feelings in the last several weeks. Also i am crying and sleeping 6-8 hours during the day again.
I'm exhausted and the battle has just begun - I do realize this. Seems like forever since disagnosis in Nov 2010.
But i must have been sick for quite awhile  with a TSH of 48 -- and battling permanent effects of pernicious anemia undiagnosed for ?? years.

Sob Sob... I was feeling a little better and then crashed back into massive sleeping and being chilly suddenly. My TSH changed quite a bit in 2 months. T4 stayed about the same. and now i have all the new tests to figure in.

All tests taken 2/15/11 for the FIRST time: (originally diagnosed November 2010)

Anti Thyroglobulin Antibody:
     Anti Thyrogl. Ab      158 High   (normals: 0-115 IU/mL)
     Anti TPO Ab            12            (normals: 0-34   "       )

Thyroid Stimulating Immunoglobulin:
                                  1.5 High   (norm: less than or equal to 1.3) TSI Index

I would appreciate any input on above autoimmune tests. I believe the endo was saying i have positive antibodies for hashi and graves - and that I may be on a hyper/hypo rollercoaster. YIKES> although I am definitely Hypo. Primary.

Also new was test for Vitamin D. She had instructed me to take 5,000 units of D3. and the results were good:
     Total Vitamin D  25 Hyroxy:       43    (norm:  25-80 ng/mL)  I had been deficient.

Here are some more results:
including previous tests:

(taking generic levothyroxine 100mcg during all this time)

TSH   3.570   Feb 15;        
         0.675   Dec 13
         47.590  Nov 2  initially
range (0.270-4.200)

FreeT4 1.390  Feb 15;    
           1.440  Dec 13
(range 0.9000-1.700 ng/dL) (only tested twice)

Free T3  2.91  (first test) Feb 15
(range 2.0-4.4 pg/mL)

I feel like i am starting all over. I just sobbed all day - on and off - today. I insulted people and irritated them. There are only a few people in my life so I can't afford to upset them. I'm tired and tired of being tired. I have been 'unwell' for 8 years - that is when i could no longer work though i had no idea why at the time.

Lastly, endo did say something about my extreme numbers making me a good case for killing off my thyroid (my words:) she said something about radioactive isotopes or something).... She said she doesn't need to see me for 4 months. I'll never make it like this.

Maybe I should post this in a forum i saw called 'thyroiditis *****' or something like that... I'm not looking for pity; just understanding. I'm only hearing from my family -none of whom has ever had any of this- "Well it could be a lot worse!"

Jeepers, like I don't know that. However it does deserve acknowledgment. What we all go through here. I'm so lonely...

Any comments or thoughts or suggestions or even some way I can help you...  will be welcomed and greatly appreciated.
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I'm sorry you're feeling so bad at the moment. I know it's horrible and so much worse when no-one seems to understand how bad you feel just because they can't physically see it. My sister has Lupus and therefore nothing I feel can ever be as bad as what she's had to go through - at least that what I feel my family think. I'm 26 and was only diagnosed 2 years ago but I think it has been going on for years. My family just thought I was so lazy sleeping all day, never wanting to do anything and generally being antisocial. My levels are still up and down like a yo-yo so going through good and bad phases. I - like you - wish more people could understand how much strain this puts on a person and be more understanding.

I very much hope you start feeling better soon x
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