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After a loss: What are your normal pregnancy symptoms in a new pregnancy?
Hi everyone,

I was wondering what are your "normal" abdominal pregnancy symptoms that you experience in a new pregnancy after you've had a previous loss?

Since my first miscarriage (missed miscarriage, 6 wks, passed 11 wks) my body seems to react differently to hormonal changes even w/o being pregnant; the area on the left side of my upper/lower abdomen that became tender and painful during my 1st m/c reappears in differing intensity. For my 2nd m/c it became inflamed to a similar intensity as before, so I knew a m/c was inevitable. I am about a week late, on my 3rd pregnancy, and a few days ago those tender areas started to become more intense, while today I'm starting to have light cramps in front. I'm hoping that it's just normal uterine cramping...with a backache...and still no morning sickness. Does anyone else have something like this which resulted in a healthy pregnancy?

Thanks for sharing! Internet searches only reveal lingering pregnancy symptoms immediately after a m/c- not helpful  :P  I think this forum is such a great opportunity to share our experiences!!!

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