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I'm back / Lost baby 13 weeks
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I'm back / Lost baby 13 weeks

It's been a while since I posted and I see several familiar screen names so I hope everyone is doing well. I guess I've been gone since 2009.

Here's my issue..... I need advice from the experienced. I lost my baby at 13 weeks on Dec 21st. Everything was fine at nearly 11 weeks but then I had pain/bleeding and the heartbeat was gone. My doctor induced and delivered me at the hospital b/c she said due to size of baby D&C could be risky for me. I requested complete testing of the baby/placenta for answers to help me decide what to do next.

I have some information on the anatomy such as my placenta only had two vessels instead of three and the baby's ear were low set. When it comes to the genetic/chromosone tests the lab messed up and exposed the baby to a liquid which made it impossible to proceed with other tests. My doctor broke the news to me a few days ago and said the lab changed policies to keep it from happening again..ugh..

What's your insight, did any of your sweet angel babies or placenta have these signs? If so what was the definitive diagnosis? I'm trying to decide if I want to TTC again. It's hard without all the answers.  xoxo
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Sorry for your loss.
hi Melo,
first, i am so so very sorry for your loss. i hope you have a lot of support to help you through this.
i am by no means an expert but noticed that you haven't had many responses on here... have you thought of posting on the integrative fertility expert forum page? the doctor on that page seems to always answer and is very informed.
best wishes.
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