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New to this group- OPK and Temp Question
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New to this group- OPK and Temp Question

Ok so this is the first month TTC after a D&C last March. It's also my first time using OPK's. CD1 for me was November 6th. I started temping and using OPK's on CD 10. My BBT was 97.70 every morning. I wasn't able to temp this weekend but I got my first + OPK on Saturday. Here is my question:

Friday morning= BBT 97.70

Saturday morning= +OPK

Saturday night= +OPK

Sunday morning= BD'd

Sunday Afternoon= Horrible ovulation cramping/ right side pain for hours

Monday morning= 97.24 BBT (temp drop)

We could only BD on Sunday morning but if my temp rises tomorrow wouldn't that temp drop this morning indicate that I am ovulating today rather than yesterday when I felt the pains?

Do you think I missed my chances this cycle by only BD'ing on Sunday morning? I am hoping it only takes that one time! DH wasn't feeling well and I could see if he's up for it tonight but is it too late?
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I have never temp'd but after you ovulate your temp should rise and stay up until it's time for AF I believe. I can tell you a positive opk means you "should" ovulate soon. I only bd'd once the day before my positive opk and got prego. There are lots of people on here that have temp'd for a long time they can probably give you better info. Good luck & SSBD
You should ovulate 24-48 hours after the first + OPK. So you very well could have just ovulated on Monday morning. Some people get ovulation pain before ovulation, after ovulation, or right as they are ovulating. So the pain may have been pre-ovulatory (not sure if that's a word but it sounds good lol). Hope that helps! SSBD!
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